Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Would you believe that tying my sneakers today made me miss my husband? Well, it did!
I can never tie them tight enough myself. It is the combination of not much strength and a touch of arthritis in my hands, but anyway, my sneakers always feel loose on my feet when I do the tying. If Ray is home, he ties them for me.
Today my sneakers felt loose and as I tried to tighten the laces I felt a pang of loneliness for my honey. It's the little things that you notice the most, I think.
There are a lot of little things.
The thought also came that he may never be able to do this simple, sweet thing for me again. His left arm and hand are not working and his team is not very hopeful. Of course, with God on our side, I am hopeful. Nothing is impossible with my God!
Yet, He may not completely heal Ray of all his physical and mental issues. No matter, I will still trust Him. I am confident that Ray will too.
Papa is trustworthy.
I am constantly reminded that this life is not all there is. Oh, it is a glorious life, to be sure, but really it is just preparation for all He has waiting for us!
Something I read by Brennan Manning this morning reminded me that I am on my way to a wedding feast that has already begun, a feast to beat all feasts!! It is where the King will celebrate with His bride, the church. The uniting, face to face, of Our Savior with those who are His will be a joyous occasion.
Some people might think that scripture is just stories or symbols, only metaphors. No way. The scriptures are promises from a loving faithful God. He has never disappointed me and I know He never will!
This evening I was unwinding with a crossword puzzle and thinking about logging on to blog. I was thinking that maybe I would wait until tomorrow. That thought was followed quickly with the feeling that I needed to write about the wedding feast. As that idea registered, Matt turned on our favorite internet radio station and a familiar song was playing.
The first words we heard were, "Hallelujah! The King will return, the King will return for His bride!

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