Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's a lot happening with my honey at the moment.
Today they removed his feeding tube. Yes, he said it hurt, but not for too long.
He went in the pool for the first time today. I sat in the air conditioned observation room to watch, which I was glad to do - the pool area was very warm and humid. Last night did not afford me much sleep and I would have been a goner in no time!
Ray has a special plastic neck brace for swimming and showering, which he was wearing for the occasion. I watched the nurses change the braces and saw my husband's neck for the first time in eleven weeks. I never knew he had to shave that low. My goodness he has a serious beard!
There is an apparatus alongside the pool with a seat that is similar to a life saver, just a bit flatter. The patient is seated on it and strapped in. The seat is attached to a bar that moves hydraulically.
He was swung over the pool and then lowered into the water. The therapists placed a floatation device around his head and strapped a type of life preserver around his middle before the seat was taken away.
As Ray laid down, they placed a noodle under his knees. The exercises were all focused on his trunk, as it is sort of s-shaped so they had him tightening and relaxing different muscles as they moved him through the water to help the muscles to take their proper places and roles. In case anyone is wondering, this is my translation of what they were doing.
He found the time relaxing. I am so glad!
Without a shirt the damage to his shoulder is more obvious. There is a definite disconnect between his arm and shoulder.
Today Ray had an EMG to determine if there is nerve damage. The specialist is calling me with the results tomorrow.
Each day he is a little stronger, so the therapy is increased accordingly. Thus his days are full!
I was able to speak with Marc, the PA, this afternoon. He expressed a strong desire to see Ray back at Gaylord, but in their unit for brain injuries. As soon as Ray can take care of his hygiene needs, including no longer needing to be cathed, he will be a good candidate to do just that.
I asked Marc what length of time he would guess-timate needs to pass before my honey can come home. No one really likes to answer that question, so I assured him that I understood that there are many factors to consider, however, give it a shot!
Marc misunderstood, at first, thinking I wanted to rush Ray's homecoming. Wanting the best for him I am glad to wait whatever amount of time it takes, but I just am trying to get an idea of what the near future might hold.
Marc's thought is that it will take at least two or three more months. He told me that to bring him home sooner would pare down his therapy by quite a bit. Right now he is getting as much as possible and will continue to do so. If he were home the therapy would be less than daily and certainly not multiple times in each day.
I will pray about what I tell my husband. Papa will show me what to say. He knows and I know I can trust Him with all of it.
In my reading this morning Psalm 119:74 leapt off the page.
"May those who fear You rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in Your Word."
That is my prayer through all of this. First, that I would be a source of joy for my husband and secondly, that everyone that crosses our path would encounter the true Source of joy.

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