Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Those of you who are not new to this blog know that I am fond of dancing.
Papa is aware of this also.
Actually, He is my favorite Dance Partner!

So what I am about to share here isn't really very surprising, but it truly is beautiful!  At least to me!!

Many mornings I open my journal and write whatever comes to mind before I have read anything that might get my thoughts going in one direction or another. 
I find it very enlightening and often freeing.  The days that I listen and wait for the Spirit's prompting are especially sweet.  Whether it is correction or simply words of love they always encourage my heart.

This morning was one of those mornings.  :)

As I sat poised with my pen and pad the word Dance popped into my head,  With it came a flow of words that delighted me.

I am in a dance with my LORD. 
Jesus and I are developing more moves and becoming more fluid as time goes on.

Yet time has little to do with our dance.
It is not one which is limited by a season or even this mortal life, but is one that will continue for all eternity!

One day I will see my perfect Dance Partner face-to-face and there will be no more missteps on my part.
I will be able to follow His lead perfectly!

His leading is perfect.  It is Debbie who causes the dance to less than flow at all times.  Yet even when I becomes distracted or try to anticipate where He is leading me, somehow He incorporates all of it into something that is beautiful.

When I watch a couple that are practiced, dance I am drawn into the romance that the fluid movements create.  The movements flow out of the unity of the pair and reflects the pleasure they take in one another and the dance.

I so enjoy being lead by Jesus and how effortless it is when I rest in His arms and trust His leading.

Years ago I took some dance lessons and on one particular night we were practicing the waltz. 
It is such a graceful, lovely dance.

As my partner and I took to the floor I sensed that he was capable of leading well.
I could rest in His arms and simply follow his lead.
After a few moments we took flight(!), which is what it is called when you are in sync and glide across the floor.
It feels as if your feet are not touching the ground and that you are floating.
I felt like I was in the "King and I" and I could have Danced, Danced, Danced!

That is how it is with Papa and me at times.

If life were truly a dance floor then for many years you would have seen me flat against the wall.
At other times, after being coaxed or dragged out onto the floor, you would have witnessed me as one of those who crashed into others trying to navigate their way.  I felt clumsy and awkward, thus never comfortable in some one's arms.  I also felt much safer leading!

The only time you will find me against the wall now will be when my Partner takes me there for a breather!

Papa wasn't done with the subject and so brought me to the Book of 2 Samuel.
In the Sixth Chapter we read of King David dancing before the LORD with all his might.

The occasion was worthy of celebration.
They had just brought the Ark of the LORD into Jerusalem.
The King wasn't alone in his joy.
"So David and all the house of Israel were bringing up the Ark of the LORD with shouting and the sound of the trumpet."
I think his joy affected the people.

David danced and leaped before his LORD.
I am with him!
May my joy affect others also!

Now to break out those worship flags!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Drugs Anyone?

Have you noticed how many commercials these daysare related to the pharmaceutical industry?
I have.

Commercials, in general, annoy me.  Some more than others.
Some are simply ridiculous, though some are entertaining.
One that keeps popping up on Pandora steams me.

It is for a drug trial to help children with ADHD and/or dyslexia.
Could it be possible that there might be another way to treat these issues?
Is it possible that some of the observed behavior is not as much a condition as a symptom of one's environment?

When we were raising our boys, two of them were diagnosed as with ADD.  There were many issues to deal with in our family at the time and so I accepted the labels and the prescriptions.  This would not be my response today..

It seems to me that we are awfully quick to label.  Of course, if one is labeled then we can more easily find a drug to address their problem!
Please do not misunderstand me.  I am not saying that drugs never help or should never be used, but just that we are so quick to dispense them.

A few years ago I was in my doctor’s office for my annual physical.  It was just over a year since my honey’s accident and he, as well as my life, had dramatically changed.
At that time I had been feeling a bit blue.  I do not recall what my doctor said, but I responded by bursting into tears.  He immediately wanted to prescribe an anti-depressant for me.

What was wrong with me feeling my feelings and working through them?  Was masking them more important??  I assured him that I would rather deal with my feelings,which were legitimate, but if it became too much, I would let him know.
Papa and I, with help from my friends, worked through it.

So what is the point of this post?
Our society is in the midst of a drug epidemic.
The majority of those in our jails and prisons are there for drug related crimes.
On a regular basis we are burying our young due to an overdose.
Rehabs and the like are flourishing businesses.

The majority have been weaned on the philosophy of drugs being the answer or at least a good part of the answer.
It seems easier to drug our young than to address their real needs.  

What are their needs?
A stable home.
A sense of their value in our eyes and even more so in the eyes of their Creator.

We are a broken society.

I spend time volunteering at a drug/alcohol rehab.  For the majority, who pass through that place, they have been given little in the way of a foundation.

Addiction is a family disease.
Yet, many family members do not see that their loved one who struggles with addiction is not the only one who needs recovery.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home.  Who didn't?
We are all broken and our God recognizes this fact.
That is why He sent His Son.
We need fixing.
He says that He makes all things new!

Papa makes available all the tools we need for wholeness.
Those tools often come in the form of relationships, first with Him and then with one another.
He reached out to us and we are called ot reach out to one another.
In love.

Karl Marx is quoted as saying that
 "Religion is the opiate of the masses."
 In James we can read,
"This is pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father, to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world."

Now, Mr. Marx,  that is a drug that makes sense!

Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine Just For You

Last week I had a topic burning away in my heart and mind that I wanted to share here, but, as often happens, the time to express it did not present itself.

Now I have time and as I sat down at my desk I fully intended to put it down in writing right here.
However, Papa just told me "No, not right now.  After all it is Valentines Day.  Let's say something else more fitting with the day....."

So I guess I am going with the topic of love...

Today many cards and gifts are being received in an effort to convey our love for one another.
Love is expressed in a multitude of ways.
Our God loves to remind us of His love and, if we are on the lookout, we will discover many of His love gifts each day.

This morning when I checked the latest offerings from my friends on Face Book my attention was arrested by a picture a dear friend posted.
It was of a beautiful male cardinal perched on a branch outside her window.
What a lovely sight!

That was a gift of love from Papa for certain!

Mr. Cardinal appeared to have not a care in the world.  You see his Creator has everything in hand.  Why He provided tats lovely resting place just for him!

You know the Almighty, Everlasting One didn't need to create such a beautiful world for us, but He so loves to share His creativity.  It is a joy for Him to bless us.

Nature holds so much evidence of the Wonderful One and of His love for us.
He knows what touches our hearts and brightens our spirits.

Right now we are in the midst of a winter that is proving itself worthy of its name.
One of the evidences of this winter is all the snow that covers the ground.

I love the gentle silence of the snow, as it blankets the dreary, barren earth and trees.
From my window I see our yard and across the street a field; both of which are whiter than white without a blemish on either.

This picture reminds me of a verse found in Isaiah's first chapter.
"Come now, and let us reason together," says the LORD, "Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they will be like wool."
Out of His great love He gave His greatest gift - That of His Son!
His Son, who washed all of our sins away and left us clean as the freshly fallen snow.
Now that is truly love at its purest and deepest!

When we have experienced this Love, well then it truly is a

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Law of Burden Bearing

The other day a friend passed me a DVD entitled "Five People You Meet in Heaven." 
I wasn't sure when I would be viewing it, as I have become very selective as to what occupies my time.
I do, however, like to watch something that will pass the time while I am on my treadmill and after checking other sources decided this would suffice.

It took more than one stint on the treadmill, but I did see it in its entirety.
So I feel comfortable commenting on it.

The basic premise is that there is a purpose behind all the details of our lives and it is in sacrifice that the most painful or seemingly meaningless things find their value.
I found the story line a bit choppy, but that aside it did get met thinking.

A sweet friend of mine recently went through surgery and was home bound recuperating.
Most of us do not enjoy being sidelined and many of us do not like the feeling of burdening another.  It is much more comfortable to be the one doing the caring of self and others.
My friend is no exception.
She expressed her desire to not be a burden.

Her words got me thinking.  The movie just stirred the pot a bit more.

Our God is all about relationship. 
With us and us with one another and then all of us, collectively, with Him.

His Words and actions underscore this fact.

He calls us to servant hood.  Everyone of us.
As He walked this earth, He did so as the Servant King.
He set the example.

He washed the disciples feet, but also allowed a woman to wash His with her tears.
Our LORD was comfortable giving and receiving.

Paul tells us in Galatians, chapter six, verse two,
"Bear one another's burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ."
 It is a give and take.
We get to take turns!

Easy to say, but for some it is hard to practice.
Especially if the message you received in your formative years was that you were to be the one doing all the burden bearing!

Yet, when we do allow another to help us we are allowing them the blessing that comes from the doing.  To withhold that opportunity is to deprive them of the gift.

Another gift that comes from caring for one another is a greater intimacy, a deepening of our love
Simple acts can transform a heart and a relationship, if we are open to it.

As I go through my day, I trust that Papa wants to use all I do, wherever I may be.
Something as simple a smile can touch a heart and lift a burden.
I have seen eyes light up and faces soften.

Yet, in my desire to lift another's burdens I have to be careful to be open to receive too.
I have seen eyes light up and faces soften when I have been willing to admit my need.

We are the body and thus one part that is hurting affects the whole and one part that is revived also affects the whole.

So the suggestion by that movie that we can be part of the redemption of a situation, heart or life is not so far fetched!

By His grace Papa will help us to learn more and more to give and take, as burden bearers, and thus fulfill His Law of Love!