Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Those of you who are not new to this blog know that I am fond of dancing.
Papa is aware of this also.
Actually, He is my favorite Dance Partner!

So what I am about to share here isn't really very surprising, but it truly is beautiful!  At least to me!!

Many mornings I open my journal and write whatever comes to mind before I have read anything that might get my thoughts going in one direction or another. 
I find it very enlightening and often freeing.  The days that I listen and wait for the Spirit's prompting are especially sweet.  Whether it is correction or simply words of love they always encourage my heart.

This morning was one of those mornings.  :)

As I sat poised with my pen and pad the word Dance popped into my head,  With it came a flow of words that delighted me.

I am in a dance with my LORD. 
Jesus and I are developing more moves and becoming more fluid as time goes on.

Yet time has little to do with our dance.
It is not one which is limited by a season or even this mortal life, but is one that will continue for all eternity!

One day I will see my perfect Dance Partner face-to-face and there will be no more missteps on my part.
I will be able to follow His lead perfectly!

His leading is perfect.  It is Debbie who causes the dance to less than flow at all times.  Yet even when I becomes distracted or try to anticipate where He is leading me, somehow He incorporates all of it into something that is beautiful.

When I watch a couple that are practiced, dance I am drawn into the romance that the fluid movements create.  The movements flow out of the unity of the pair and reflects the pleasure they take in one another and the dance.

I so enjoy being lead by Jesus and how effortless it is when I rest in His arms and trust His leading.

Years ago I took some dance lessons and on one particular night we were practicing the waltz. 
It is such a graceful, lovely dance.

As my partner and I took to the floor I sensed that he was capable of leading well.
I could rest in His arms and simply follow his lead.
After a few moments we took flight(!), which is what it is called when you are in sync and glide across the floor.
It feels as if your feet are not touching the ground and that you are floating.
I felt like I was in the "King and I" and I could have Danced, Danced, Danced!

That is how it is with Papa and me at times.

If life were truly a dance floor then for many years you would have seen me flat against the wall.
At other times, after being coaxed or dragged out onto the floor, you would have witnessed me as one of those who crashed into others trying to navigate their way.  I felt clumsy and awkward, thus never comfortable in some one's arms.  I also felt much safer leading!

The only time you will find me against the wall now will be when my Partner takes me there for a breather!

Papa wasn't done with the subject and so brought me to the Book of 2 Samuel.
In the Sixth Chapter we read of King David dancing before the LORD with all his might.

The occasion was worthy of celebration.
They had just brought the Ark of the LORD into Jerusalem.
The King wasn't alone in his joy.
"So David and all the house of Israel were bringing up the Ark of the LORD with shouting and the sound of the trumpet."
I think his joy affected the people.

David danced and leaped before his LORD.
I am with him!
May my joy affect others also!

Now to break out those worship flags!!

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