Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Laments or Complaints?

Every morning I tear off the current page from the "Word Origin" calender, which my daughter-in-law gifted me with this past Christmas.
She knows that I love learning the origin of sayings and was hopefully that this would fit the bill.
It occasionally does, but often gets no response from me.
Unlike this morning's offering.
Just not as the giver and probably the writer intended.

The word was jeremiad.
Here is how they explained the word:
"A tirade of bitter complaint, a "jeremiad takes its name from the Biblical prophet Jeremiah, who was given to berating his fellow Hebrews for violations of the law.  When he was not chiding them or the king, he complained vigorously about not being paid attention to, which we do, unwittingly, every time we use the word "jeremiad"-which, admittedly, in not very often.
There slant on the poor beleaguered  prophet is far from accurate.
Yet, for those without faith in the Living God, it is right on.

Without the understanding of Who our God is and our relationship with Him, we, too, can easily view His warnings and chastisements as berating and a bitter tirade.

Webster's New World Dictionary defines jeremiad as a long lamentation or complaint.
It then defines lamentation as an outward expression of grief.

Now that is more like it!

As I have shared, I am reading through the Book of Jeremiah.
What has moved my heart is how constant is God's love for His people.
He gives them one opportunity after another to turn back to Him so He can bless them anew.
The discipline that He metes out is for His children's good.

In Hebrews Chapter Twelve, verse eleven we read,
"All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness."
May we view all that comes into our lives through the eyes of faith and not be hardhearted as those whom Jeremiah addressed, nor those, even today, who view His laments as tirades!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Numbering Our Days

My dear friends, I want you to know that I think of you every day.
Yes, that is right,
I call you friends, whether we have ever met or not because I share my heart with you and many of you keep reading!

Nearly every day I have something that I could easily use to create another posting.
And I often find it difficult not to do so.

There is a very good reason why I do not write as much as I would like.
Papa and people.

That sounds like two reasons, but really it is not.
I could say Papa and leave it at that, but there are way too many people in my life and I just cannot exclude them.

Let me explain.

A dear, dear friend sent me a small book that a friend of hers had written.
She wrote that she knew I would enjoy it.
She was right.

The booklet is entitled "Insights from Outside" Reflections form Mongolia, China and Siberian Russia.  The author is Mark Alexander, who has ministered in these lands.
He shares lessons learned as he lived in these foreign lands.

I have taken to reading just one offering at a time so I can reflect upon his insights and see how the Spirit uses it in application to my life.
The most current reading covered the topic of the brevity of life.  The writer quoted one of my life verses, whose address is Psalm Ninety, verse Twelve,
"Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom."
Another translation, which I used when I put this to memory, words the last part of the verse this way,
"that we may present to You a heart of wisdom" 
Oh I like that picture.
It is a great incentive to pursue such wisdom.
With our God as the Teacher, we cannot fail!

Imagine bowing before our LORD and hearing,
"Well done good and faithful servant!" 
What could be better?!

In this little book the author encourages the reader to literally count her days.
I did and it was sobering.
If I live to be ninety, I will have less than eleven thousand days left.
Not so many when you stop to think how quickly each day flies by!

Psalm One Hundred Forty-Four, verse Four states,
"Man is like a mere breath; his days are like a passing shadow."
I want each day to count and the only way I can be sure that they will is to look to my God.
And not only look to Him, but follow wherever He leads me.

This morning I purposely told Papa that I wanted Him to have His way with me and do what He wanted with my day.

It has been my habit, for many years, to plan out my week.
For more of those years than I care to admit I was not very flexible about that plan.
Walking with Jesus has changed that over time.

Now I set the schedule, but have learned to let go and let God have His way.
His way is to fill my life with people.

Beyond family and close friends, which keeps life full enough, there are many who come into my life for brief or short periods of time.
Right now Papa has a young mother of two little ones at the forefront.  Her mother is one of the women I visit with at the local drug/alcohol rehab.

This nineteen year old woman has a three year old and a ten month old.  They are living in a shelter which they must vacate for the day every morning at seven thirty.  She has no transportation, so they wander the city stopping at soup kitchens for meals.The precious girl had a difficult childhood with not much training, so she is unprepared for the responsibilities of life and motherhood.
Example: occasionally another resident gives them a ride.  Unfortunately, this little family have had no car seats. The little ones momma had no understanding of the risk she was taking.  She thought holding them would protect them.

Today I picked up two car seats from my very generous pastor!

This young woman needs a lot of guidance and as long as Papa keeps her in my life, I will help as I am able.
As Papa enables me!

Every day is an adventure.  I never know who I might meet or where I might end up or what I might be doing!

Today's plan had changed from what was on my schedule and instead of having tea with a friend I ended up here, there and everywhere.
While I was in the area of a well-known discount store I seized the opportunity and stopped in for a few needed items.
As I approached the register I recognized the customer in front of me.
Her daughter is struggling with drug addiction and we were able to chat for a few minutes once we were outside the store.
It gave me better understanding of how to pray.

Speaking of prayer, as we talked, I noticed the man who was pushing a long line of shopping carts into the store.  I asked him if we were in his way, but he shook his head.
As I looked at him, I could see that he was in great pain.
I found myself approaching him and telling him that I could see that he was in pain.
He nodded in confirmation.

Then I found myself asking him if I could pray for him right then and there.
He told me that I could, so I did.

I do not know whether God relieved his pain, but I can tell you that the man was encouraged.
He had looked as if he felt so alone in this world and that no one cared.
That changed.  I could see it in his face.
Today, in that moment, he knew that someone noticed him and that someone cared.
I pray that he realized that the Someone was the Living God!
After all it was Him who moved this girl of His to approach the man and who put the words in her mouth.

So please excuse me if I do not visit this blog every time I have something to share.
I am busy numbering my days!
It keeps me very busy!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love in Living Color

It is a known fact that my handwriting is atrocious.
Over the years many a friend has commented that they know a handwritten card or note is from me when they cannot read it.

I cannot argue with them.
Quite often I cannot read my own writing!
Maybe that is part of the attraction for me to texting and Create and Print cards....
I am able to use my own words and know the recipient will be able to read them!

Yet, I continue to pick up that pen.
Most of which is for my own benefit.

When I open my Bible, I open my journal.
The journal is open and on my lap on Sunday mornings ready for me to jot down notes as I listen to the sermon.

To be honest there are times when I never read the words I have written.  Yet, once I have written something down, I usually remember it.
There are times that I do want to refresh my memory and there lies the challenge!

It is lovely to be able to read over what I have heard from the Holy Spirit.
There is often a theme.
Papa doesn't generally say something just once.
He likes to get His message across!

Take this week.

As I have shared, I am working my way through the Book of Jeremiah this month.
It is not light reading.
Poor Jeremiah was not very popular.  The people resented the message that he proclaimed.
Yet, if they had really listened they would have heard the LORD's longing for them to return to Him.  They would have realized just how deep His love was for them.  He would go to any length to redeem them.
That is what continues to stand out to me as I read.

This week Papa has been, not only, focusing in on His love in a general way, but bringing into focus the many of the facets of this love in living color.

Through Brennan Manning I was reminded of the wonderful verse found in First John, the Fourth Chapter, the Eighteenth verse,
"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love."
My God's love drives all fear out!

In the Thirteenth Chapter of First Corinthians I was reminded that..
"Love never fails."
Philippians speaks of the sacrificial aspect of His love.

In the Thirty-Fourth Chapter of Psalms I read that my loving God never brings shame.

Romans Ten zooms in on the fact that He never disappoints.

Then there is First Peter, Five, verse Seven where we are urged to...
"Cast all your anxiety upon Him, for He cares for you."
This One who cares so deeply for us is the Source of all we need.
In a little devotional I am reading entitled "Draw Near", it spoke of Him being our Source of life and love.

He is also the Source of hope; Romans calls Him the God of hope.

Our God is the Source from which we bear fruit, as we remain in Him, the Vine.

The Beloved Psalm Twenty-Three depicts Him as the Source of all that is good.

As I spent time in the Psalms this morning more details of His love were added to the picture:
His love is great!
He will never abandon me!
He blesses and gives favor!
His love is evident everywhere!

As I read the Thirty-Second chapter of Jeremiah today I wrote in my journal that,
"God's love overshadows all He does."
Isn't this a beautiful picture of His love?  It is a transparency that He lays across all aspects of our lives.
It never loses any of its vibrancy, but brings life to all it touches.

In looking back to what I wrote down, as my pastor preached a few days ago, I see that it really is the only response that I or anyone else can have to the amazing love.

What response is that?

To love, of course.
To love in living color!

Now those are notes that I am glad I could decipher.  Should I have found them unreadable wouldn't have been too much of a problem, as they are ones that Papa has been writing on my heart.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I loved reading to our sons when they were children.
Oh the books we did read!  Big books, small books and everything in between.  Each one took us on an adventure and most provoked a number of interesting conversations.
Once they would sit still long enough for something more than a few words with many pictures a few books by Dr. Seuss were on the favorites list.
One of those books came to mind today.  It is entitled "Yertle the Turtle."
Yertle was the king of the pond.  His throne was a stone, which enabled him to view all of his kingdom.          One day he was pontificating over his grandeur and came to the conclusion that, in light of his majesty, he should have a larger kingdom.  What an ego!  He decided that if he could see further, he would rule even a greater area.
The Old Testament book of Esther is one of my focuses at the moment. It is the subject of a Beth Moore study that I am participating in.  The grandeur of King Ahasuerus' kingdom and the size of his ego come to life in the first few verses of the first chapter.  He had displayed his wealth for one hundred and eighty days, which included a banquet to beat all banquets!  As I read, I thought of King Yertle.  Especially after I read Beth's note that explained the purpose of such a display.
His kingdom ranged from India to Ethiopia.  Greece was the only holdout and the king was eyeing it.  He was planning to further his kingdom and knew it would take a major war.  So he was wooing those whose full commitment was needed to win. The war ultimately was a disaster.
Back to Yertle.  He decided to have his subjects stack themselves on top of one another to afford their king a higher throne.  This too ended in disaster.
This month I am working my way through the Book of Jeremiah with Moody;s Today in the Word..  
This dear prophet is known as the weeping prophet. It is difficult to read this book and not want to weep with him.
The LORD God had given Jeremiah a message for his people.  It was a serious warning, but one where the love for His people is evident.  How He longs for them to heed His Words and return to Him.
Yet, they don't.  Even when the warnings begin to materialize they still reject the message and the messenger, which simply means they are rejecting their God.
Why?  I think ego has a lot to do with it.  The flesh does not like to submit, but wants to reign. 
I have read Esther before and know that a couple of egos take center stage in that story.  As in Jeremiah's tale also.

Yesterday Ray and I climbed on a small cruise boat and took a cruise around the Thimble Islands.  They are very small islands.  Most of which are privately owned and have been built upon. We got to see some very lovely homes, which were almost as big as the rocks on which they were built.  The price of these small islands is not small.  The price of building and maintaining houses on them is even greater.  And they are just vacation homes!

The idea of spending such sums, even if you can afford it, and living so separately from others is not something I can imagine doing.  What motivates such choices?
I am sure that the ego plays a part in the grand scheme of things.  The thought of doing it because you can, of standing out from the rest, etc. probably motivates some.

The ego is not isolated to those in power.  No, we all have one and to deny this fact is to end up stumbling on to disaster.  Another word for ego is pride.  Pride elevates oneself, while blinding us to our own faults.
The teaching of AA addresses the ego.  The ego is a trouble maker.  It hurts the individual and all those around him.  We need help!
Which is why we study these books.  There we learn and find hope!
The great gift that we have, as children of God, thanks to the Blood of Jesus (!), is that we have the Holy Spirit to guide us into all learning.  The Spirit coupled with the Word is the best way to deal with the ego!
Every bit of Scripture is for our benefit.  Romans Fifteen, verse Four tells us that:
"For whatever was written in earlier times was written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope."
To attempt to deal with the ego on our own is a hopeless situation, but our God is the God of hope!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seasonal Decor

Whenever I find myself drawn in a conversation about decorating our homes I have a standard response. 
Our home is decorated in an early tag sale motif.
I must say that Papa has brought me to some wonderful finds; all of which compliment one another.
It has made for, what I consider to be, a cozy place.

At the change of seasons some things are put away and others are brought out, curtains are switched twice a year and blankets are stored or scattered about according to the time of year.

Our home's decor has also changed with the seasons of our life.
For years we decorated in early baby; moving onto early childhood.
Then there were the teenage years which featured piles of sneakers.  All of which gave off an odor that brought tears to one's eyes.  This is about the time that I changed the rule about removing your shoes at the door!
During this season it was not unusual to find random dishes, silverware and glasses (all used) arranged in all kinds of spots.  

Some would say that the season we are now in could be called the empty-nesters season.  However, there are two furry fellow residents, who not only occupy our time and attention, but have also been responsible for a change, once again, in our decor.
We are in the mischievous kitten season!

Decorations range from scratching posts to catnip laced toys.
There are two feeding bowls set out in a prominent place in our kitchen.  If I neglect to fill either the food or water fast enough, they are then dragged to the center of the room where I cannot miss them.
On our porch you will find a tall scratching post, which Matthew built, with a robe covered plank attached to it with its other end connecting with a overhead beam.
This is so Sushi and Stir-Fry can climb through the porch rafters.  They need variety or they get bored.
And we do not want them to be bored!
that is when they get into trouble.  Especially Sushi.

Right now our hallway walls are lined with aluminum foil.
It makes for a great conversation starter!

My sister, Lilly, who I call the cat whisperer, told me that cats hate aluminum foil and so if you want to break them of a scratching something. line it with some foil.  She used it to stop her cat form scratching her speakers and it worked!
Well, our Sushi likes to scratch the paint off the hall walls and I am desperate to find a solution!

Lilly's suggestion certainly beat the ones that I came across online.
One suggested coating what they were scratching with Vaseline.  You see cats dislike anything sticky on their paws.
Well, that is great, but what would it do to my walls?  And how about my carpets when they walked away with it on their paws??

Then there was the suggestion to cover furniture or walls with double-sided tape.  The tape would take care of removing whatever paint Sushi missed!   Imagine covering your furniture with the tape and then trying to sit in a tape covered chair?!
I don't think my home would be cozy anymore!

I'm sure that you'll agree the foil was a better choice.
Though our boys now think we are losing it!

So don't wonder should you visit in the next two weeks. 
It is just the season we are in at the moment!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Leveling Mountains

Gardening is fast moving to the "Not For Me" list.
Once again I am covered with poison ivy.
I thought I was being so careful, but as the bubbly blisters began to form I realized that it wasn't careful enough.

I did not knowingly touch any of that sinister stuff.

What else could I have done? I even wore Ray's big rubber boots!
Though it was primarily because I did not want to encounter snakes in among the pachysandra,  I realized that the boots were doing double duty when I discovered that the patch I was in was not filled solely with friendly green stuff!

Each time I came in from gardening I washed thoroughly in Technu, which is suppose to remove the oil before it can irritate one's skin.
I am obviously highly sensitive and it did not do the job.
I need to remember this and steer clear!

The rash continues to spread days after the contact.
I do not know what to do to halt it.
Every few hours I find a few more spots.

I view poison ivy as a definite result of the Fall.
It could not have been in the Garden before that.
No way!

Not only is it something that causes much personal misery, it also chokes out other plants by wrapping itself around anything and everything that gets in its way.

It is a good visual for sin.

Once it has taken root it spreads until it is uprooted.
Trimming will not do the trick.
It needs to die.

Even once you uproot it or spray it with some sort of weed killer, it can still cause trouble.
You have to avoid all contact with it.

It is the same with sin.  We dare not think we can handle it and be left untouched.
We must steer clear!

I find that I am most susceptible to both poison ivy and sin when I forget who I am.
Regarding the evil ivy I must remember that I am one who has to avoid it at all costs.
Regarding sin I need to remember who I am in Him and who He is!

Paul reminds us in the Sixth chapter of Romans,
"Even so consider yourselves to be dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus."
When I walk in the life I have in Jesus sin has a hard time drawing my attention.

This means I (we) must...
"walk by faith not sight" Second Corinthians, chapter Five, verse Seven instructs us.

"Faith is the position of the heart."*
So how do we get that kind of heart position?

Seek Him!
Draw nearer to Him!

Then we will be reminded of who we are in Him.

I was listening to a teaching on the Seventh chapter of Matthew by Pastor Mohler, whom I quoted above.

The section that he was teaching on was where the disciples were unable to heal a demoniac.  Jesus told them that with just the littlest bit of faith they could move mountains and that nothing would be impossible for them.  Then He added,
"But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."
To be honest I have wanted to see a literal mountain move for a long time, so my ears perked up!

He suggested that instead of the typical interpretation that we need to fast and pray to tackle the difficult cases, what if the comment is regarding faith?
As we fast and pray we draw closer to Jesus and our faith is increased.
Then we will face challenges with a different perspective.

I like it.
It resonates with me.
According to my own experience I can say that it rings true.
When I am lost in the wonder of my LORD, nothing seems impossible.
And though I haven't seen literal mountains move, as of yet, I have seen many challenges the size of mountains leveled!

 * Pastor Dan Mohler, Neck Ministries

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Thought or Two

Sitting with my fingers poised above the keyboard I was sorting through all the many thoughts that vied to be included in this posting, when a fresh thought made its appearance.
"Just how many thoughts does the average person have in an average day?"

I wouldn't even dare to hazard a guess, but judging by me, I'd say quite a few!

So where does one turn to find answers to such questions?
Of course, Google!

Before the advent of personal computers and search engines, I loved encyclopedias.
To be honest it took some coaxing for me to give them up.
At first I would see if I could get the answer faster than the person at the computer and often I did.
At least in the beginning!

The day dawned when I realized that, not only was the computer faster, but it was virtually unlimited.  Contrary to the volumes of my encyclopedia.

Now back to the question.
The answers varied, but it seems that the general consensus is that we have between fifty to sixty thousand thoughts in a single day.  WOW!
Of course, that includes many that occur simply from going through our day.

A few examples from my day are...
"I do not like how this toothpaste tube squeezes."
 "I need to remember to check the library for that book."
"Do we have another bottle of dishwasher detergent?"
"My ironing is piling up again."
"Eek!  I am in the midst of a patch of poison ivy!!"
Apart from the last one they are not remarkable.

What I find fascinating is how quickly our brain connects one thought to another.
We start off thinking about toothpaste, but end up wondering if our local library has the book we need for book club, which is just what happened to me.

Toothpaste caused me to think of how kind my dental hygienist had been in giving me a bag of tooth brushes and paste for my friends at the rehab.
You pass the library on the way to my dentist's office and there you have it!
It isn't always so easy to follow the trail!

Just about anything can trigger a thought and then who knows where it will take us?!

Our friend, James, joined us for dinner tonight.  He is a regular Tuesday night diner at the Reynolds'.
We got to discussing that how we view any given circumstance has a lot to do with its and future outcomes.

The other day I was speaking with a friend and during our conversation she commented that a mutual friend's son "did not have anything going on up there."
Speaking negatively about someone, especially a child, is one of my pet peeves and I asked her not to speak that way.  She continued to insist that she knows he is dumb, which is not true!
Even if he were not very smart I would not want him to receive such a message.
Words carry a whole lot of power.  We begin to believe what others say about us.  A negative message can even be conveyed without a word.
Imagine what kinds of thoughts are generated by those kinds of messages!

Today I was speaking with a friend who shared with me her concern for her daughter who seems to always end up with 'the short end of the stick'.
When we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop, it usually does or at least from our perspective!

Another conversation was with a young man whose marriage is in crisis.  Many are speaking negative words to his estranged wife.  I encouraged him to fill himself with truth and surround himself with those who speak that truth so that he is able to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  The negativity has been dragging him down.  That is not our Jesus' way!

A few sites I visited in my search regarding the number of thoughts we have mentioned that eighty percent of our thoughts are generally negative!

Can that be true?
Very possibly.
Unless we combat this tendency!
Guess where I am going?  :)

Our dear Papa and His Word.
Between the Words on the printed pages of His book and the Words He lovingly whispers to our hearts we can rise above the human tendency to be negative.
We can rise above the messages the world sends our way.

I have been working my way through the Old Testament Book of the prophet Jeremiah.
The poor man had to speak many Words of warning.  Seemingly negative.
Yet, if you pay close attention you will find God's heart is crying out to His people to return to Him.
The commentary given in Moody's Today in the Word made a comment that stuck with me.
"Disobedience is a fundamental denial of God's blessings intended for us."
Allowing ourselves to stay stuck in negative thoughts reveals our lack of trust in our God.  We dishonor Him and cheat ourselves.

Years ago I heard a teaching on the Fourth chapter of Philippians, the Eighth verse.  
First the verse,
"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things."
The speaker suggested that we take the eight components of that verse: true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, good repute, excellence and worthy of praise and imagine that they are each pieces of fencing.  Then picture creating a corral with them and place your mind in the midst of it.
This is to be done prayerfully, committing your mind to the LORD; asking Him to get your attention when a fence piece falls down.

Well, I did that and Papa has been very faithful to get my attention when any part of the corral is out of place.  He desires all of us to experience the joy that is available to us in Him.  Wrong thoughts rob us of that joy.

So as I wash off the Tech-nu that I soaked myself in a while ago and then apply the calamine lotion to the red bumps that have begun to appear anyway, I will remember that the truth of it is that this in temporary and  then turn my thoughts to the One who is truly praise worthy!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


A change of pace for more than an afternoon.
Somewhere new.
That's what I have been hankering for.
Not something crammed in between all the must-dos.

A little different scenery.

Ray and I use to take a trip now and then to explore new places both near and far.
One year we followed the suggestion of a web site that supposedly found our ideal place to live.  We answered a number of questions and they did the rest.
Their selection took us to western North Carolina.

It was fun.
I love seeing new places.  Ray always enjoyed our travels, too, once he relaxed.  It was good for both of us.
Neither of us are very sentimental nor are we usually interested in revisiting somewhere that we have already explored.
There is so much to see and experience!

A couple of weeks ago my Honey informed me that the aquatic exercise class that he is part of would be taking a break for a week while the pool was serviced.
Glory Hallelujah!!

I began to explore options that did not require too much driving.
I am not a big fan of driving anymore.

A few plans started to come together.
My heart felt lighter.

Until I picked my man up from the gym the other day.

He casually informed me that he had been mistaken...he had the dates wrong.
The pool's closing would be a week later.

My light heart immediately became very heavy.
The following week held a number of commitments that I could not change.

The expression on my face led Ray to ask me if it was really that bad.
Oh not for him, he is content with his schedule and doesn't seem to feel the need for any change.  Actually, he appears happier when nothing does change.
I, on the other hand, have been feeling sorely in need of a change!

As I drove us home, I stewed.  I was feeling angry and frustrated.  It feels like nothing comes easily these days.  I know that, in part, my health being out of kilter colors my view of things and amplifies even the smallest issue.
Yes, I know this, but it isn't always the first thing that occurs to me.

So there I was fussing and fuming in my head when Papa interrupted my thoughts.

"You know that it will work out, don't you?  Have I ever not met your true needs?"  
As this gentle whisper filled my heart and mind I relaxed.  Oh, yes, I know He has always been there for me and with me.  He knows my heart and what I really need.
Then I heard,
"And really, Am I not enough for you?  Are you not satisfied with Me?"
Oh, my God, forgive me!  I had allowed my focus to get askew.  In trying to get what I thought I really needed I had turned my eyes from the One who is all that I need.

Psalm Thirty-seven, verse Four says,
"Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart."
He is the desire of my heart.  I just let that slip my mind for a bit and with that the flesh slipped in something to replace the real thing.

How easily it happens.
Not all at once, but very gradually.
A little sideways glance at first, then a more lingering look, until we forget to turn our eyes back.

We will be taking a few little day trips that work around the commitments.  I am not even certain where we will be going as of yet, but I know Who is doing the planning and I am keeping my eyes fixed on Him! He will be unfolding His plan shortly!

I know that the plans He has for me (us) are for my (our) welfare.  They hold more than any plans I could ever make.  His hold a future and a hope. Yes, even the short term plans!

He is, indeed, enough and what He has for me will be too.