Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Love in Living Color

It is a known fact that my handwriting is atrocious.
Over the years many a friend has commented that they know a handwritten card or note is from me when they cannot read it.

I cannot argue with them.
Quite often I cannot read my own writing!
Maybe that is part of the attraction for me to texting and Create and Print cards....
I am able to use my own words and know the recipient will be able to read them!

Yet, I continue to pick up that pen.
Most of which is for my own benefit.

When I open my Bible, I open my journal.
The journal is open and on my lap on Sunday mornings ready for me to jot down notes as I listen to the sermon.

To be honest there are times when I never read the words I have written.  Yet, once I have written something down, I usually remember it.
There are times that I do want to refresh my memory and there lies the challenge!

It is lovely to be able to read over what I have heard from the Holy Spirit.
There is often a theme.
Papa doesn't generally say something just once.
He likes to get His message across!

Take this week.

As I have shared, I am working my way through the Book of Jeremiah this month.
It is not light reading.
Poor Jeremiah was not very popular.  The people resented the message that he proclaimed.
Yet, if they had really listened they would have heard the LORD's longing for them to return to Him.  They would have realized just how deep His love was for them.  He would go to any length to redeem them.
That is what continues to stand out to me as I read.

This week Papa has been, not only, focusing in on His love in a general way, but bringing into focus the many of the facets of this love in living color.

Through Brennan Manning I was reminded of the wonderful verse found in First John, the Fourth Chapter, the Eighteenth verse,
"There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love."
My God's love drives all fear out!

In the Thirteenth Chapter of First Corinthians I was reminded that..
"Love never fails."
Philippians speaks of the sacrificial aspect of His love.

In the Thirty-Fourth Chapter of Psalms I read that my loving God never brings shame.

Romans Ten zooms in on the fact that He never disappoints.

Then there is First Peter, Five, verse Seven where we are urged to...
"Cast all your anxiety upon Him, for He cares for you."
This One who cares so deeply for us is the Source of all we need.
In a little devotional I am reading entitled "Draw Near", it spoke of Him being our Source of life and love.

He is also the Source of hope; Romans calls Him the God of hope.

Our God is the Source from which we bear fruit, as we remain in Him, the Vine.

The Beloved Psalm Twenty-Three depicts Him as the Source of all that is good.

As I spent time in the Psalms this morning more details of His love were added to the picture:
His love is great!
He will never abandon me!
He blesses and gives favor!
His love is evident everywhere!

As I read the Thirty-Second chapter of Jeremiah today I wrote in my journal that,
"God's love overshadows all He does."
Isn't this a beautiful picture of His love?  It is a transparency that He lays across all aspects of our lives.
It never loses any of its vibrancy, but brings life to all it touches.

In looking back to what I wrote down, as my pastor preached a few days ago, I see that it really is the only response that I or anyone else can have to the amazing love.

What response is that?

To love, of course.
To love in living color!

Now those are notes that I am glad I could decipher.  Should I have found them unreadable wouldn't have been too much of a problem, as they are ones that Papa has been writing on my heart.

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