Sunday, September 2, 2012


A change of pace for more than an afternoon.
Somewhere new.
That's what I have been hankering for.
Not something crammed in between all the must-dos.

A little different scenery.

Ray and I use to take a trip now and then to explore new places both near and far.
One year we followed the suggestion of a web site that supposedly found our ideal place to live.  We answered a number of questions and they did the rest.
Their selection took us to western North Carolina.

It was fun.
I love seeing new places.  Ray always enjoyed our travels, too, once he relaxed.  It was good for both of us.
Neither of us are very sentimental nor are we usually interested in revisiting somewhere that we have already explored.
There is so much to see and experience!

A couple of weeks ago my Honey informed me that the aquatic exercise class that he is part of would be taking a break for a week while the pool was serviced.
Glory Hallelujah!!

I began to explore options that did not require too much driving.
I am not a big fan of driving anymore.

A few plans started to come together.
My heart felt lighter.

Until I picked my man up from the gym the other day.

He casually informed me that he had been mistaken...he had the dates wrong.
The pool's closing would be a week later.

My light heart immediately became very heavy.
The following week held a number of commitments that I could not change.

The expression on my face led Ray to ask me if it was really that bad.
Oh not for him, he is content with his schedule and doesn't seem to feel the need for any change.  Actually, he appears happier when nothing does change.
I, on the other hand, have been feeling sorely in need of a change!

As I drove us home, I stewed.  I was feeling angry and frustrated.  It feels like nothing comes easily these days.  I know that, in part, my health being out of kilter colors my view of things and amplifies even the smallest issue.
Yes, I know this, but it isn't always the first thing that occurs to me.

So there I was fussing and fuming in my head when Papa interrupted my thoughts.

"You know that it will work out, don't you?  Have I ever not met your true needs?"  
As this gentle whisper filled my heart and mind I relaxed.  Oh, yes, I know He has always been there for me and with me.  He knows my heart and what I really need.
Then I heard,
"And really, Am I not enough for you?  Are you not satisfied with Me?"
Oh, my God, forgive me!  I had allowed my focus to get askew.  In trying to get what I thought I really needed I had turned my eyes from the One who is all that I need.

Psalm Thirty-seven, verse Four says,
"Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart."
He is the desire of my heart.  I just let that slip my mind for a bit and with that the flesh slipped in something to replace the real thing.

How easily it happens.
Not all at once, but very gradually.
A little sideways glance at first, then a more lingering look, until we forget to turn our eyes back.

We will be taking a few little day trips that work around the commitments.  I am not even certain where we will be going as of yet, but I know Who is doing the planning and I am keeping my eyes fixed on Him! He will be unfolding His plan shortly!

I know that the plans He has for me (us) are for my (our) welfare.  They hold more than any plans I could ever make.  His hold a future and a hope. Yes, even the short term plans!

He is, indeed, enough and what He has for me will be too.

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