Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seasonal Decor

Whenever I find myself drawn in a conversation about decorating our homes I have a standard response. 
Our home is decorated in an early tag sale motif.
I must say that Papa has brought me to some wonderful finds; all of which compliment one another.
It has made for, what I consider to be, a cozy place.

At the change of seasons some things are put away and others are brought out, curtains are switched twice a year and blankets are stored or scattered about according to the time of year.

Our home's decor has also changed with the seasons of our life.
For years we decorated in early baby; moving onto early childhood.
Then there were the teenage years which featured piles of sneakers.  All of which gave off an odor that brought tears to one's eyes.  This is about the time that I changed the rule about removing your shoes at the door!
During this season it was not unusual to find random dishes, silverware and glasses (all used) arranged in all kinds of spots.  

Some would say that the season we are now in could be called the empty-nesters season.  However, there are two furry fellow residents, who not only occupy our time and attention, but have also been responsible for a change, once again, in our decor.
We are in the mischievous kitten season!

Decorations range from scratching posts to catnip laced toys.
There are two feeding bowls set out in a prominent place in our kitchen.  If I neglect to fill either the food or water fast enough, they are then dragged to the center of the room where I cannot miss them.
On our porch you will find a tall scratching post, which Matthew built, with a robe covered plank attached to it with its other end connecting with a overhead beam.
This is so Sushi and Stir-Fry can climb through the porch rafters.  They need variety or they get bored.
And we do not want them to be bored!
that is when they get into trouble.  Especially Sushi.

Right now our hallway walls are lined with aluminum foil.
It makes for a great conversation starter!

My sister, Lilly, who I call the cat whisperer, told me that cats hate aluminum foil and so if you want to break them of a scratching something. line it with some foil.  She used it to stop her cat form scratching her speakers and it worked!
Well, our Sushi likes to scratch the paint off the hall walls and I am desperate to find a solution!

Lilly's suggestion certainly beat the ones that I came across online.
One suggested coating what they were scratching with Vaseline.  You see cats dislike anything sticky on their paws.
Well, that is great, but what would it do to my walls?  And how about my carpets when they walked away with it on their paws??

Then there was the suggestion to cover furniture or walls with double-sided tape.  The tape would take care of removing whatever paint Sushi missed!   Imagine covering your furniture with the tape and then trying to sit in a tape covered chair?!
I don't think my home would be cozy anymore!

I'm sure that you'll agree the foil was a better choice.
Though our boys now think we are losing it!

So don't wonder should you visit in the next two weeks. 
It is just the season we are in at the moment!

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