Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Law of Burden Bearing

The other day a friend passed me a DVD entitled "Five People You Meet in Heaven." 
I wasn't sure when I would be viewing it, as I have become very selective as to what occupies my time.
I do, however, like to watch something that will pass the time while I am on my treadmill and after checking other sources decided this would suffice.

It took more than one stint on the treadmill, but I did see it in its entirety.
So I feel comfortable commenting on it.

The basic premise is that there is a purpose behind all the details of our lives and it is in sacrifice that the most painful or seemingly meaningless things find their value.
I found the story line a bit choppy, but that aside it did get met thinking.

A sweet friend of mine recently went through surgery and was home bound recuperating.
Most of us do not enjoy being sidelined and many of us do not like the feeling of burdening another.  It is much more comfortable to be the one doing the caring of self and others.
My friend is no exception.
She expressed her desire to not be a burden.

Her words got me thinking.  The movie just stirred the pot a bit more.

Our God is all about relationship. 
With us and us with one another and then all of us, collectively, with Him.

His Words and actions underscore this fact.

He calls us to servant hood.  Everyone of us.
As He walked this earth, He did so as the Servant King.
He set the example.

He washed the disciples feet, but also allowed a woman to wash His with her tears.
Our LORD was comfortable giving and receiving.

Paul tells us in Galatians, chapter six, verse two,
"Bear one another's burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ."
 It is a give and take.
We get to take turns!

Easy to say, but for some it is hard to practice.
Especially if the message you received in your formative years was that you were to be the one doing all the burden bearing!

Yet, when we do allow another to help us we are allowing them the blessing that comes from the doing.  To withhold that opportunity is to deprive them of the gift.

Another gift that comes from caring for one another is a greater intimacy, a deepening of our love
Simple acts can transform a heart and a relationship, if we are open to it.

As I go through my day, I trust that Papa wants to use all I do, wherever I may be.
Something as simple a smile can touch a heart and lift a burden.
I have seen eyes light up and faces soften.

Yet, in my desire to lift another's burdens I have to be careful to be open to receive too.
I have seen eyes light up and faces soften when I have been willing to admit my need.

We are the body and thus one part that is hurting affects the whole and one part that is revived also affects the whole.

So the suggestion by that movie that we can be part of the redemption of a situation, heart or life is not so far fetched!

By His grace Papa will help us to learn more and more to give and take, as burden bearers, and thus fulfill His Law of Love!


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