Monday, June 14, 2010

The drive to visit my man has recently become quite enjoyable, as Matthew has been my companion and driver most of the time. Our time is spent enjoying music interspersed with conversation. We love to talk about Papa and Papa loves it, so there is joy in abundance!
Often we use our trip home to reflect on what happened during our visit. Today was no exception.
Ray continues to be subdued. There is an acceptance of his helpless state, but not an attitude of hopelessness. Praise God!
He did tell Matt that he was in this situation because of choices he made. He said he shouldn't have gone out the night of the accident. Matt explained to his dad that he had not done anything wrong and that it was no different than if we had an accident on our way to visit him.
Time with him always holds surprises. When he speaks he might be totally confused or his words might reflect clarity of thought. His dry humor surfaces throughout!
During a new doctor's examination today she asked him where he worked and what he did for the company. He told her he worked for SNET and climbed poles for a living! That was many years ago! When he and I were alone I asked him if he remembered what his company had evolved into since SNET. After a moment he told me "at&t". Then I asked him what he did for them. His answer? "As little as possible." Hello Honey, it's nice to see you show up!
The doctor's examination today was to determine what type of leg brace should be ordered for his left leg. It will help Ray to be more mobile.
The entire afternoon was filled with PT and then the examination. When they put him to bed so they could make a cast of his leg for his brace, we left.
The thoughts that surfaced during Matt's and my drive home touched on what was said and done during our visit, but then settled on a discussion of the ways of our God.
He promises that He will work everything out for our good (Romans 8:28) and that is a comfort. That means everything, no exceptions. It also means that He is doing so through every day and every detail of our lives. We are very aware of this truth as we traverse this particular adventure. Yet, on ordinary days it is just as true; we are just not so sensitive to His doings. What a loss! A loss of peace and confidence.
A well-known quote by John Donne; "No man is an island" came to mind this afternoon as we discussed how Papa works. When any one of us experiences anything at all, it always affects others. The proverbial pepple thrown in the pond causes ripples far and wide! Our lives touch other lives.
Our great God could have prevented the accident. He knew the intentions of the enemy of our souls, but instead of stepping in He chose a greater good. Matt commented that he could picture Papa saying, "Okay, Satan, go for it, but then watch what I do with it!"
This rings true in my heart. I have felt my loving God's peace throughout all of this. In my spirit I have heard Him say to me, "Just rest in Me and watch what I do with all of this!"
The stories that we keep hearing of how lives are being touched is astounding! How Papa is moving within our family is a great gift! We rejoice in having such a Powerful, Wise, Loving God! Will you join us?

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