Sunday, June 13, 2010

My God knows how to love; He is very good at it and He is doing it through you!
A bridal shower of someone very dear to me was on the agenda this morning. Large groups weary me these days and have never been on my list of favorites things to do. The problem is that I don't do small talk. I am not good at it, but still continue to attend these events because it's not about me!
To get to the hotel where the shower was being held I had to pass, for the first time, the place where Ray's accident occurred. Do you know what was the most difficult part of this for me? It was disconcerting to realize that this spot looked so very ordinary. There wasn't even anything to indicate what happened there. Now I understand why people make memorials at the accident site where they lost their loved one.
I arrived at the celebration knowing that I would only stay a short while. All I want to do these days is be with my family. I find great comfort in the company of family and a few close friends. Three of our four sons were at home and I wanted to get back to them!
Watching them enjoy each other is such a blessing. Another blessing has been seeing how each one is stepping up and helping out. They spent this weekend building screens for our porch. This is a project that Ray had been preparing to do. When he comes home, instead of seeing an unfinished project, he will be able to sit on our porch and enjoy it!
Upon arriving at the shower it was a joy to see a few special (to me) faces among the many women in attendance, especially the bride-to-be and her sister! These two young women have been dear to my heart for quite a few years.
Here comes an example of how Papa is loving me through you! As I spoke with the bride-to-be, I learned that she will be serving at the ziti dinner that is being held for my family this coming Saturday! Such a loving gesture!
Often I feel like I am cocooned in my gentle, gracious, loving God's arms. Many times it comes through a kind word or action. Many days I receive a note from someone and His love just washes over me. Thank you for listening to His prompting. Isn't it the best to be His vessel?
Some of you are struggling yourself, right now. Look to God! He never disappoints!

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