Tuesday, August 31, 2010

So many thoughts have been flitting through my mind; thoughts that I have wanted to share here. The problem is they kept going.
Usually I can hold onto the thoughts or, on occasion, jot down a few words to jog my memory later on. Not now. No time.
It seems that everything is flitting by. Time is flying by. I feel like every moment is filled with something that needs tending. I am on call and I do get called; called by my honey, called by doctors' offices, called by workers' compensation, etc. I have never enjoyed the phone and now I like it even less!

Have I mentioned that I like to ease into my day and not have to rush into anything. I do not think Papa designed me to be busy all the time. Actually, I don't think any of us were made that way. However, I, moreso than some, need lots of room to breath. I like to think all kinds of thoughts, give them time to grow and have the time to reflect.

Right now that isn't happening.

It is what it is. This I know and do remind myself often. Accept what you cannot change girl!
Everything is temporary. This is good to remember also. Change will come!
It never hurts to keep these facts in focus, but there are richer truths to hang onto.

As I continued my study in First Corinthians the fifteenth chapter I was reminded that a life lived for God is never lived in vain. Even though this place I find myself in is not very comfortable, it is worthwhile! Anything done under the tuteluge of His Holy Spirit is worth doing!
I was also encouraged and comforted by the truth that death does not have, nor is, the final word. Something I need to hang onto as the reality of Sara's death sinks into my heart and mind.
Finally, in my reading, I was stirred by the thought to live under the influence of love with gusto and determination. He is my influence and by His power I can and will live as fully as possible, for His Glory!

Why? Well, as the thirty-second chapter, the fortieth verse of Jeremiah proclaims; He loves me!
Oh my Jesus, You love me so much! May I embrace that love and offer it back to You!

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