Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Part of an A. W. Tozer quote was the reading on a calendar this morning.

"If we truly want to follow God, we must seek to be other-worldly.
Every man must choose his world....
We who follow Christ.....
deliberately choose the Kingdom of God as our sphere of interest."

It resonated with me. "Amen!" I said.
The enemy and the flesh responded with an "Oh yeah? We'll see about that!"

There were just a few simple matters to attend to today. The first was to call the cable company, as the bill makes no sense to me. It is quite a bit higher than it should be.

You cannot hit "0" and get around their automated system.
I tried.
After jumping through all their little hoops I finally was connected with a real person. (Actual, if you mumble and the system can't understand you, they have to send you to a person!:)
Of course, one must give quite a bit of the information again before they can help you. This was followed by the person asking me to call back in an hour or two, as their system was down.
Wasn't there a recording to tell me this beforehand??

I waited and called back and found myself retracing all the steps once more to get to someone less automated. Again I needed to give all the information to them, so they could decide how to help me. This representative asked to speak with Ray, as he is the only authorized name on the account. I explained why he wasn't available and their response was that they could not help me. I explained that last month I had changed the service with no problem. Ah, it seems the person who allowed this ignored policy.
It is only the cable bill, for heaven's sake!! It isn't his life savings or something!
I asked for a supervisor and was put on hold. After five minutes on hold I gave up!
I wonder if they would have been willing to speak with me if the bill had been too low??

The rest of my efforts this morning seemed to follow suit. (Sigh.)

I usually take Route 8 to get to Glendale to visit Ray. Today was no different.
I forgot that there was a good section of highway that was down to one lane. (Sigh.)

While creeping along I had the opportunity to demonstrate a little grace to a fellow traveler.
I didn't do it. (Sigh.)

I was cranky.

And anyway, I am tired of people zipping past on the shoulder or the lane that is closing and then trying to move into the open lane in front of those of us who chose to be polite and wait! Hey, why do they think that they deserve to get there any sooner than the rest of us??!!
As I was entertaining these thoughts with relish another thought intruded.

"It's all about grace isn't it? You know, unmerited favor?

Yes, I choose His Kingdom.
Yes, I want to demonstrate His love and grace.
And in those moments when I don't, I do not want it to be easy to continue down that path. It is not a place I am comfortable staying in anymore.

The amazing thing is that His love for me does not lessen in the least bit no matter how cranky I get.

His Kingdom is the place to live and explore and most especially, love!

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