Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A friend loves at all times....Proverbs 17:17a
True friends are a gift from Papa.
My first and foremost friend is Jesus, Himself.
He truly loves at all times.
It is humbling when one realizes just how much He loves you. The Holy Omnipotent God loves us! He offers His friendship!!
How amazing!
A true friend "sticks closer than a brother." That's Him.
There is never a moment, not a breath of time when He abandons me. Such a comfort.
And I need that comfort.
As the road of life takes all its crazy turns and dips with a few loop-de-loops thrown in for good measure, to know that I am not on this ride alone brings immeasurable comfort.
Though I can't control anything or anyone I have the One who is in control by my side!
A true friend cares about what you care about. That's my Friend!
A true friend listens with compassion and reads between the lines. Yes, that describes my Friend!
You know what else a true friend does? They delight when you have more friends! That is how my Friend, Jesus, is!
Not only does He delight in seeing that I have these friends, but He brings them my way!!
Recently, I have realized that I have friends I didn't even knew about. Friends who love me and whose love moves them to minister to me. Wonderful friends who are willing to be His vessels so He can touch and bless through them.
These are all gifts from Papa.
I have lost count of how many times someone has demonstrated their friendship through a kind word or deed. Some I have known as dear friends or just passing acquaintances and some are virtual strangers. Most have little or no idea just how significant their actions are.
For quite a while we wondered who was "stealing" our garbage. We learned that it is a neighbor who just moved into the neighborhood this past November!
I am overwhelmed by His great love!
Yes, whenever love shows itself you know it is Him. He is love.
This friendship with the Living God is such a treasure. I feel so privileged. It is a privilege available to all who would come to Him. Yet, I am beyond amazed that He would have chosen me with who to be friends. I do not know how I could live without His friendship.
Having Him as my friend means I can get through whatever life hands me. As I embrace His friendship I ache to share this great gift with others.
So many are hurting, so many are in turmoil, and feel they have no where to turn. I want to shout, "Turn to Him!! He is the friend that sticks closer than a brother! He is the friend that loves at all times! You will not be disappointed!!"

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