Monday, August 2, 2010

When I was a child it was not unusual to witness my mother suddenly jumping up and shouting, "Stop the world, I want to get off!" I just figured that she was being overly dramatic, which she often was, but now I get it.
My version is, "Come, LORD Jesus!!" Yes, LORD, come back and set everything right! It is too much! He alone can make it all come out right.
I sought out the social worker at Glendale today. There were a number of questions that needed answers. Often I have no idea who to ask, but she seemed like a logical choice.
Is Ray definitely coming home on August 13th?
What if he falls at home? How do I get him up? He is so unsteady on his feet!
How will he navigate the stairs?
I am concerned about his left arm. When he moves from chair to bed, etc. it is left to hang, which does not seem wise. The muscles, tendons, etc. are distended enough!
How do I find out what help is available to us?
It was a challenge to graciously receive her responses. There was a touch of impatience in her tone as she spoke with me, as if the questions I had were foolish ones.
I was told that there is a question mark after the thirteenth. It could even be sooner, who knows? Maybe the insurance will send him home early?
Well, that certainly answered my question!
As far as falling down; the suggestion was to call an ambulance to help get him up. Lovely!
He will most likely fall at some point, as he is not the most compliant patient. You probably should get an alarm to warn you when he is trying to get up on his own.
This is the first I have heard about any lack of cooperation! I will be speaking with the therapists to confirm this one!
Furthermore, he is going to be unsteady for a good long time, so I need to adjust to that fact. Thanks.
Have I thought of how I would get my husband out of the house in an emergency?
Hey, I haven't even figured out how to get him INTO the house yet!!
She thought the doctor who took his neck brace off had also recommended removing the arm sling. First I have heard of this!
As far as help, the nurse will give you that information. Which nurse? The one who will visit the day after he gets home. Something else I didn't know.
This path that we find ourselves on is a new one for us, yet, at times, I feel like we are expected to just know how it works.
The little girl in me showed up today to say, "I don't want to play anymore!!" I think she just stamped her feet too!!!
I am so grateful that my God became man and walked this earth! He experienced the full range of emotions too and knows, first hand, how I am feeling.
And I am gaining a deeper understand of His struggles too. This morning I was reflecting on Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. He prayed to the Father and asked for the cup of suffering to be taken from Him, but more than relief He desired the Father's will to be done. He knew His Father was good.
Knowing that Papa is good carries me through these rough waters too.
Tomorrow Matthew and I intend to drive down to New York to visit my niece. We go in full confidence that our God is good and loving. May this confidence be contagious!

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