Friday, August 20, 2010

The Homecoming

I get by with a little help from my friends....

Over the years the question has often been asked of me as to how I continue to keep going no matter what challenge comes my way. My answer has always been, "the LORD"; He has carried me through one adventure after another.
That is the truth. He is faithful. His love is constant. As I, or anyone else, looks to Him for strength and help, we are never met with disappointment.
Now how is it that I, or anyone else, can keep looking to Him?
I do believe that faith is a gift from Him.
But there is more to it.
He has called us to be a community; His body.

Unlike those who penned my opening line the help I get from my friends comes in words; words of encouragement and understanding and more importantly words directed to the Father on my behalf.

Take today. Please! Oh right, it is almost over, too late to do anything with the day, but put it to bed. What a relief.
I am emotionally and physically exhausted.

Shortly after ten this morning I arrived at Glendale to bring my honey home. I had already done a number of tasks at home and errands around town before I ever pulled up to the facility. I was feeling good; in control.

Ray was just about ready to go out the door. He still needed to get his leg brace on, so I proceeded to help him with it. I discovered that it was coming apart. There was no stability for Ray's ankle and foot.
Actually two days ago I had found a metal piece on his floor and put it on the dresser, as I had no idea where it belonged.
Now I knew.
The PT came in and was surprised by this discovery. Hadn't they been putting it on him each morning?
Oh well, I would contact the supplier once we arrived home. This contact would reveal that they do not make house calls, so Monday I need to get it to them!

Check out entailed many instructions. This included a long list of medications and when to administer them, along with instructions to have blood work done weekly. Then there were the appointments to make and the people who would be calling to set up appointments to see us at home.

The feeling of control was wavering.

It would be alright. We just needed to get home.

Our friend James was meeting us there to help Ray into the house, but hadn't arrived by the time we pulled in. My beloved did not understand why I wanted to wait for James.
I encouraged him to stay put while I opened the door to the house.
Oh sure.
When I returned to the car he was getting out and trying to stand up. Ray insisted on heading to the house. However, he was not steady on his feet and the gravel did not help!
We finally reached the first step to the sidewalk and discovered that apart from my husband being wobbling we also had to deal with his left foot's inability to lift up and over the step thanks to the malfunctioning brace!
I thought we were going to tumble into the bushes and if we had continued our course, I am sure that we would have done just that!
Just then James pulled up. He nearly had to carry Ray to the front door, up the stairs and into the living room. Poor guy! I hope his back is alright!

After a short visit James departed and we were alone.
Ray was sitting comfortably, so I headed down the hall for a moment. At that point, it seems that he decided he needed to go see our porch. That is when I heard the crash!
He didn't make it. Not only that but he cut his nose and mangled his glasses. He is on coumadin, so I had to make sure that the bleeding stopped.

I cannot get him up by myself, but did bring a stepstool over to him to use as he tried to get up on his own. It has rubber feet and is very stable.
Well, he did it! Bravo!! It took some manuevering, but in time he was, indeed, up.
I was...I have no idea what I was, besides wanting to run away.

There were no more falls for the rest of the day, of which I am very grateful! In part that is due to the delivery of a wheelchair, which meant he could be comfortably mobile.
The facility hadn't ordered one until I questioned them yesterday.
He has been in a chair, apart from walking during PT this whole time. Was it realistic to expect him to be able to handle walking everywhere from now on? They hadn't thought of that!
Our experience simply underscored how right I was. Not very satisfying.

I certainly understand his need to be independent, however, I wish he understood my concerns as well.

There were a couple of other challenges to this day, but I will forego giving any details. Let's just say, that the fact that I am not a nurse on purpose does not seem to matter!!

So what does this have to do with the help I get from my friends and, of course, my gracious God?
A whole lot!

I did not run away.
The thought kept surfacing, as a reminder, that Ray was not doing any of this on purpose. He was not trying to be difficult.
Another thought, as I hurried from room to room, I could. Yes, I was free to move about and do as I pleased. Sure I am restricted, but it does not compare to what my poor guy is facing.
Yet another thought, this is not the end. He will improve. And even if there are hindrances the rest of our lives, so what? We have eternity!!

Now if those aren't answers to prayer, I do not know what is.
So, thank you, dear friends. Your help is more than getting me by!
And Papa, thank you for designing Your body in such an amazing way!

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