Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever, I will sing...."
Oh yes, I definitely will sing!
I was carried by grace to Long Island today. It was pure grace; His favor unearned and undeserved.
On my way to visit my niece I dropped off my beloved daughter-in-law, Mindy, at Westchester County airport. That went smoothly though I hated to see her leave!

I was eager to see my niece. I had something to share with her. I hoped to be there as soon as possible.

The trouble began as I left the airport and proceeded on my way; with the help (?) of my GPS. It was my turn to encounter as many bad drivers as possible in just a few minutes.
Well, there must have been a whole lot going on in the old subconscious, because a burst of impatience surfaced and took it upon itself to lean on the horn! How long does one need to stop and look before turning right on red, when they have a green arrow anyway??!!
I was so eager to get away from that driver that I turned onto the highway to head in the opposite direction of where I should have been going. I proceeded to get off the next exit, contrary to what the Lady in the Box was urging me to do! She was right and it took a number of zigs and zags to finally get me headed in the right direction.
Papa and I had a talk. I apologized. Here I was with the Living God in residence, yet acting like a crazed, stressed person!
I am grateful that He is so forgiving.
Just then I saw a sign cautioning that there were traffic delays on the Whitestone bridge, which I was intending to cross. As I passed the exit for the Throg's Neck bridge it occurred to me that I probably should take it instead.
No problem I'll simply take the next exit and head back one exit and take that route.
Did I really think that it would be that simple?
To get back on the highway took a number of twists and turns; then to find out that you cannot get directly to the Throgsneck from the north bound highway!
Three or four highways later I found myself on the sought after bridge. Hallelujah!!
Traffic wasn't too bad for Long Island. We actually kept moving, even if it was below the speed limit for the most part! Why do they bother with speed limits down there anyway??
Last challenge: the parking garage. Fifteen minutes of circling finally yielded a spot.

Okay Papa, I got the message.
It is all about Him. If I thought I was going to bless anyone, forget it! I am powerless; I am weak; I am foolish. He is all-powerful; He is strong; He is wise.
The amazing fact is that He is in me!! All I needed to do was rest in Him, wait on Him, trust Him.
Once I made it to Sara's room I learned that she just came back from radiation. So if I had arrived earlier I would have just been waiting around.
Is there another lesson here?

The rest of my day totally made up for all the delays and craziness.

In all my years of walking with my Jesus I have never felt that any of my extended family really got what I was talking about. Until today.
Today there was a receptivity. The walls are down. Hearts are open.
Oh Papa!!
My sister and I had a good conversation. She is very aware of her need for Him. She is seeking Him!
My precious niece and I had time alone. We, also, had a wonderful talk. She held onto my hand and listened and gave brief, but focused answers.
Sara is aware of His presence. She has recognized that He is her source of comfort, rest and peace, and of life, both here and hereafter.
At the end of our conversation I prayed and felt His peace rest on us. When I open my eyes and looked at my niece it struck me that she looked especially peaceful.
At this point the nurse came into the room. As she looked at Sara, she stopped and exclaimed, "Oh, how beautiful she looks!" I told her that is because we had just been praying. She nodded and smiled.

The burden that I have had has lifted. I knew that what Papa had desired to do for Sara through me has been accomplished. It was time for me to go.
Sara opened her eyes; eyes that held a different light. Earlier I had seen fear and anxiety. Not now. We held hands, I kissed her, she thanked me, I kissed her some more and then let go. Her eyes followed me to the door, then they closed. She rested.

During prayer a thought came to me for Sara's husband, Tim. He is hurting so badly. He cannot accept that he is powerless. He cannot protect his wife. He cannot heal his wife.

He avoids close contact with me. He runs from God.
Before I left the floor I came across him in the waiting room. Papa sent me to him. I asked him for a hug goodbye. He thought it was safe, as there were others in the room, but as he hugged me I shared with him what had come to me for him. He was amazed and, for a moment, open. Then, as he sat down, he became aware of the others and was embarassed by his openness, so he told me, "Hey, stop with that spiritual stuff!"
Our eyes met and I said, "Never!"
He smiled and looked relieved!

Me thinks that grace isn't just carrying me anymore!!

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