Saturday, August 7, 2010

How is Ray? How is your niece?? How are you??? I and my sons get asked these questions whenever we cross paths with anyone who is aware of what has been going on in the world of the Reynolds family.
It makes me cranky. Actually, it makes all of us cranky. At first I felt badly when I became aware I was feeling this way. After all, the questions are motivated by love and genuine concern, for the most part.
My sons and I discussed this and came to the conclusion that we are just tired and find it exhausting to be constantly reminded that all is not right in our little world. Our lives have been altered dramatically. Daily patterns are different, responsibilities and priorities have experienced major shifts for each of us. We seek normalcy; a new version, of course, but still....
Does this mean that people should stop asking? No, of course not.
That is, if they haven't been able to follow this blog and/or do not get my prayer updates. When there is a change I will be sure to broadcast the news!
My dear husband's new discharge date is August twentieth. It continues to be an insurance game. The rehab requests two or three weeks at a time.
He needs to stay as long as possible to gain the quickest, fullest recovery. The hard part for all of us is the separation.
Last night the family attended a wedding. Ray couldn't join us and it bothered him. As we sat together yesterday morning, he was quiet and thoughtful. I asked what his thoughts were and he said, "I'm thinking not being able to go the wedding tonight with my family."
My poor honey!
It was odd for me too. Being there with three of our four sons, along with daughter-in-law Mindy and girlfriend Katie was a joy, but still a little lonely without him! Slow dancing without my man just isn't the same!!
My niece is being kept as comfortable as possible. The family is looking into alternative treatment. I find it very difficult to be at a distance.
My granddaughter, Jasmine, whom I have not mentioned before, is making some very poor choices! I would so love to spend a little time with her!!
I usually head to West Virginia during the summer for a visit. Not this year.
Papa has been using this season to show me just how much more He longs for me to rest in Him.
I know the best thing I can do for Ray and Sara is give them to the Almighty God.
Lately I have felt bogged down. It's like I am in some dense gel that hinders my movements. Only it is mostly in my head, affecting my thinking, which then in turn affects my actions. It causes confusion. Too many details, so much I want and need to do. I have gotten good advice from a number of dear people, yet, it is overwhelming just thinking about all the details!
It is only as I sit before my LORD and give over every detail that clarity comes to me.
Sometimes I am so concerned over so many things that all of it becomes the focus of my prayers to the exclusion of simply enjoying time with Him.
Prayer truly is enjoying Him and, as in any relationship, a sharing of thoughts, concerns, needs, joys and TIME. The pressures of this crazy world, on a good day, will try to crowd out the truly important. He is the main thing, the one thing that is essential for life. After all, He is life!
What has He been saying to me this week?
I am His and He offers me joy, freedom, peace, security; to name a few blessings. When I rest in Him I experience all of these and more. They are always mine, but I must receive them. Yes, He has bestowed so many blessings, but just like a gift, a person must unwrap them and make them theirs!

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