Monday, August 16, 2010

Meditation is the word for the day. In came from Papa.
I opened a devotional by David Jeremiah and meditation was the topic. It was a reminder to me that when I meditate on the faithfulness of my God, it never fails to encourage me.
He has been and will continue to be faithful, even when I am not.
A little while later I opened "Reflections for Ragamuffins" by Brennan Manning and can you guess what the theme was about?? Yes, more on the same topic and it drew me into deeper reflection.
More encouragement.
Focusing my full attention on my Gracious God refreshes my spirit and my memory. I am reminded that, as Brennan said it, "there is only one thing essential to life and that is to be in harmony with God and ourselves."
When this is true, everything else falls into place.
Oh, that doesn't mean that everything and everyone cooperates. Not by a long shot!!!!
What it does mean is that all of it is put into perspective. He truly does keep you in perfect peace if your mind (and heart) are fixed on Him!

All of this causes me to more deeply appreciate the evidences of His grace throughout my day.
One such evidence occurred while visiting with Ray.
He moved his left pointer finger! It was a very small movement, but it was a very big deal for us!!
Papa is listening and answering; all in His way and in His time, both of which are far above our understanding.
Whether Ray regains full use of his hand and arm is not the issue here. What matters is that our God is with us and at work to accomplish His purposes.

My purpose, I know, is to not only meditate upon Him, but reflect Him is all of my life.
May He get all the glory!!

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