Monday, April 2, 2012

This Week

For the Christian this week is Holy Week.

One could argue that every week is a holy one, yet this week stands apart from all others.
It is the week that feels the weight of a God who is absent; yet, at the same time pregnant with His Presence.

The week begins with shouts of Hosanna in the highest! and will culminate by seeing Him put to death to the cries of Crucify Him!
It is a week that lends itself to contemplation.

What is its meaning?
What does it mean to each of us personally?

It is the week that we find Jesus entering Jerusalem.  The place that He had set His face toward.  He did not allow anything to veer Him off course.

What course was this?

The reason that He came.

The course to overcome evil.

The course to see us free from our sin.

This morning I read something In Reflections for Ragamuffins that speaks to this.
Brennan was quoting a Charles de Foucauld,

“Not by His words or His works, not even by His miracles, but by His Cross.”

He had to go to Jerusalem.

He had to go to the Cross.

And He wanted to.

For us.

So we need to quiet ourselves during this week and reflect.

On the heels of worship our God is turned against.

First by one of His own disciples.
Then by the crowd.
The majority of the religious leaders were never for Him.

All instigated, seemingly, by the one who hates Him the most. 

However, it was our God Himself who was truly behind it all.
He allowed the evil to fulfill His plan for our good.

The disciples didn’t understand that then.
All they knew was it went down hill fast after the last meal they shared with their LORD.

As I anticipate the unfolding of this week I am being still.

“Be still and know that I am God.”

That is the Forty-Sixth chapter of Psalms, the Tenth verse and it is my intention.

As I go through my day, whether I sitting quietly or am busy about the details of life, I am seeking to be aware of Him and what this week means to Him.

And thus what it means to me.

I am listening Papa.
Listening to Your heartbeat and hearing the echo of it breaking out of love.

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