Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reasons to Worship!

As I was cleaning up after dinner I decided I needed a little music so I clicked on my favorites and found Pandora Radio.

Worship music is my go-to genre.
He is so worthy of worship and one song after another drew me to do so.
Right now the song Above All is playing....

"Like a Rose trampled on the ground                                                                                 You took the fall                                                                                                                   and thought of me                                                                                                              Above all."
How can we not worship at such a thought!

The words to another song were easy to own and sing out.
"I would walk a thousand miles to spend time with You."
Oh yes!

If I knew that at the end of that trek my God and Savior awaited my arrival, I would gladly head out right now!
Actually, I do know that at the end of this trek I am on, my God and Savior is waiting to greet me

As Papa inhabited my praise, He brought a young man to mind.
My nickname for this particular man is Eeyore.

How he needs to realize how wonderful our God is and how He loves him!
That the Living God is so beautiful, loving, good, kind, wise, tender and glorious, to name a few, is what my friend needs to discover.
That is what I am asking Papa to do for him.
He is delighted to answer such requests!

I am still working my way through the Gospel of John and find much that moves me to worship my amazing God.
The Sixteenth chapter tells us of the gift of His Spirit that He has given us and all that comes with this gift.

A Helper.
Convicts of sin, righteousness, and judgment.
Guides into all Truth.
Speaks what He hears from the Father
Discloses what is to come
Glorifies Jesus
Discloses what is of Jesus

Which of the above could we do without this Helper?
The Helper who holds all the Power of God.

As we meditate on any one thing on that list, we must worship out of gratitude and love!

The Power, the Resurrection Power is ours!

It is time to worship!!

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