Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Color of Me

One of the assignments from this week's focus in The Artist's Way required  me to describe myself as a color..  The explanation suggested using one's favorite color, which I did.

"I am purple, a royal purple.

It is the color of the King's daughter, who is all glorious within.

That glory, His glory, causes the purple to shimmer!

In the shimmering Light red hints are seen within the purple.

A deep wine red.

It is the blood of Christ.

The colors merge and together are deeper and richer, as they intermingle with one another.

If you plunge into this vibrant color, you will discover there is no bottom.

It is fathomless.

That is God and His daughter.

They are eternal."

The exercise closed with a question of whether I have anything in my life that is this color.
It is enriching to surround ourselves with beauty that speaks to us.

As a matter of fact, one of the primary colors of my little sanctuary is a royal purple!

This explains, in part, why I am constantly drawn back to the room.
It is a place of peace and joy.
To be reminded of Whose child I am and all that means can't but draw me deeper into the Beauty of  His Presence!

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