Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Gift of Time

It seems to me that some days should be allowed to be longer than others. 
Wouldn’t it be nice if time were expandable now and then?

Today’s weather is simply lovely,  but I had to be inside for a good part of it.  I gladly did so, as I was with my ladies from the rehab escorting them through a day of pampering.  Courtesy of ACTS4.
The day held many blessings, which I would not have forfeited to enjoy the outdoors.  It would have been lovely to expand time for each lady.  Expand the time full enough for them to truly take in and own all that God wants them to receive!

Anyway, now that I am available to romp in the sunshine, I am too beat to do so.  Any time that I have to be on my feet for an extended period of time, leaves me wiped out.
Just so you know, it has nothing to do with age.(!) This is how it has always been for me.  I do not wear well.
So I guess what I would really need is expandable energy.  Smile

Yet, the other day I was wishing for the day to last a little longer.  It was Matt’s birthday and I took some time to savor the memories.

The baby book came out. 

He was never a little guy, as he was over ten pounds and twenty-three inches at birth. 
My attention was drawn to the footprint that was done by the hospital .  No tiny feet for the not so little guy!

Mindy affectionately refers to him as the Yeti.  Actually she thinks she married into the world of giants.

Matthew and I put a peep hole in our front door one day.  It worked for us, but Mindy could barely see out of it on her tiptoes.  She said, “Silly giants!”

Truth be told when we look out to see who is at the door, we usually only see the top of their head.  (Smile) We are considering putting a second one in.

Well, I thought I was going to write about time, but maybe it is more about the memories that time holds.

Our God is so very gracious and I am humbled by all the ways He has and does bless me and my family.

Today marks exactly two years since my husband’s accident.
In that time the blessings have been past counting!

I feel like the Apostle John, who at the end of his gospel wrote,
“And there are also many other things which Jesus did, which if they were written in detail, I suppose that even the world itself would not contain the books which were written.”
Certainly that is true for each one of us, if we just open our eyes to all that fills our lives.

I think I will go outside now and just breathe deeply of the blessing of a beautiful day.

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