Sunday, April 22, 2012

For Me and All Mine!

This week I have been getting a taste of what it is like to have a obvious disfigurement.  Most of me has been covered in poison ivy and my face did not escape inclusion.

I did not want to forgo all I had to do, so I decided to ventured out with a swollen lumpy face.  Really what did it matter?  I figured I would hold my head up and just be myself.  Anyway, most wouldn't recognize me and more didn't know me.

It wasn't as easy as I anticipated.

Most people had some sort of reaction and then did all they could to avoid looking at me a second time.
It started to affect me and I found myself looking down or away and more than once taking a circuitous route.

After a couple of days of this not only my skin was raw and oozing, but emotions were also in similar shape!  I was feeling pretty much the outcast.  Besides I was and am miserably itchy!

Then I went to visit my friends at the rehab.  They welcomed me and were glad to see me no matter how I looked.  They were looking through eyes of love.  I was encountering my Papa with skin on!

A visit to my dear brother-in-law, Jeff and his wife, Audrey brought additional soothing for this frayed lady.
Of course, Jeff's way of loving me took the form of humor, but since it all was said in love, it actually lightened my spirit.
Audrey did all she could to help me feel better and did a good job of it.
There was Papa in skin again!

It was Papa, Himself, who really refreshed my spirit and revived my sense of worth.

I have been in the Gospel of John this month and the reading today started in the Fourteenth chapter, the twenty-fifth verse and continued through the following chapter.

Here is what Papa reminded me of, as I read His precious Word:

He has given me His Spirit.  He is my Helper.
Jesus left me His peace.
Any pruning is meant to be a blessing for me.  It brings more fruit!
I am attached to the vine.
Answered prayer is mine.
The fruit in my life will bring Him glory.
Joy is mine.
His love is mine to abide in.
I am not of this world.
I am His witness.
I am His friend.

All of this is mine because He loves me.
Just as I am.  At all times.

All of this for me, from Him, is all mine!

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