Thursday, April 12, 2012


There is much sadness in this world that we live in and at times I cry out to the LORD pleading with Him to return now.

That is where I have been these past two days.

I am not alone.

Upon opening Greg Asimakoupoulos' book "Prayers from my Pencil", I came across this prayer entitled "Maranatha, LORD Jesus":
"Caught in the traffic of daily distresses
Trapped in routines that have lost their appeal
Weary of holding to dreams that elude me
Maranatha, LORD Jesus, I await Your return.
Jaded by broken commitments and losses
Reeling from setbacks that rob my reserves
Fearing the words of a doctor's announcement
Maranatha, LORD Jesus, I await Your return.
Troubled by cultural trends that are godless
Doubting decisions the courts claim as fair
Haunted by laughter that mocks moral wisdom
Maranatha, LORD Jesus, I await Your return.
Longing for what You intended in Eden
Hopeful for meaning beyond what I see
Looking for ultimate justice and mercy
Maranatha, LORD Jesus, I await Your return."

We all share Greg's feelings at times, don't we?

Rarely do I read the newspaper.
I generally rely upon the Internet for news.

Yet, even glancing at the headlines can bring tears to my eyes and it isn't uncommon for me to become overwhelmed with emotion over one thing or another that I notice there.

Yesterday I did open the paper seeking to learn more about the earthquake that occurred in Thailand's vicinity.
I was sorry that I did.

In the Eastern part of our state a family was facing a horrific tragedy.
The father, had taken his three sons to work with him, as they had no school.
He was operating a chipper, which I am very familiar with, as my son, Matt has one for his business.
They are very dangerous.

Well, the dad's six year old son must have thought he'd help his dad, who had turned his back for a minute. As the child fed the branch into the chipper it drew him in also.
What must have followed is more than anyone could possibly bear.

My heart broke for the man and his sons, who witnessed this, as well, of course, for the mother.
I cannot get them out of my thoughts and continue to lift them up to the only One who can possibly bring any comfort or healing to that situation.
At the least, it will take much time for them to even be able to breath again.

Later yesterday I opened my email.
I opened one relunctantly.

Friends of mine are struggling with the husband's cancer.
Their email shared that it is spreading.

He has spent the past eighteen months or so in treatment.
Treatment that has made him sicker than the cancer.
The treatment is not working and now the cancer is causing him much distress.

These dear ones are very close to Papa.

That doesn't mean that they are spared the pain and grief that comes with such a situation.
It does mean that they can have a peace that passes all understanding and be comforted by their God.
It also means that they have a hope that is sure.

This life is not all there is. It is the place where we get to know our Creator and prepare for eternity.

I could go on with many other examples of those struggling who are right around me.

Yes, it is a sad world even with Papa.

He truly does make the whole difference and with Him we have the opportunity to discover much joy and beauty.
And when we experience this life of joy and beauty it is wonderful.

Yet, I cry Maranatha, come LORD Jesus!

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