Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The Pyrex tea kettle sat on the counter for a few weeks.
No longer useful, but I was just not ready to toss it out.

My family teased me.
They know I hate to waste and thought that I felt it still was usable.

No, I knew it was a goner, but it was a reminder to me of my oldest son.
Nearly fifteen years ago Eric came to visit with it in hand.  He had found it at a tag sale and knew that he had to pick it up for me.

I am a tea drinker.
I also love a bargain.
Our home is decorated in what I call "early tag sale."
So Eric knew this was just my cup of tea.   :)  (I couldn't resist).

That the kettle lasted all these years is a miracle.
It doesn't whistle and I am a little absentminded at times.

Those two facts finally did the little water-boiler in.
I put the kettle on and then became occupied with something else.

A while later an odor coming from the kitchen came to my attention.
The smell was from the plastic lid melting drip by drip into the pot that no longer had any water in it, as it had boiled away to nothingness.
The lid and glass pot had become one, as the plastic formed a plastic stalagmite that rose up from the bottom.

Yes, I knew it was silly to hold onto it, but I just had to give myself time to let it go.
It did end up in the recycling bin, it just took a little while.

Papa reminded me that I still have the sweet memory of my son's thoughtfulness and that is not something that is at risk of damage.

You cannot break a true treasure.  Neither can it be worn out.
Those are the lasting things.

My relationship with my God falls under that category and actually is the most indestructible gift of all.

This afternoon I needed to remember that truth.

The director of the rehab called to talk with me. 
I must stop reading to the residents from the Bible.
Theirs is a spiritual program, but not a religious one.

I wanted to tell her that I am all about being being spiritual and not religious.
To be truly accurate, I am about relationship, not religion.
But they don't get it and I know that trying to enter into some sort of debate is not the wise course of action.

She went on to say that they love my visits with the residents, as the residents really look forward to me coming and that I am free to end with an inspirational thought, just not from the Bible.

I felt like the air had been knocked out of me. 
This is day eight of the agony of a major case of poison ivy, which has not only caused me to begin to think that Job was onto something with his pot shards, but has also left me sleep deprived.

You could say that I am a little out of sorts.
Which means everything is appearing in darker, more dramatic colors right now.  All troubles seem to be looming larger than life.

Though that is how I feel, I know my God is bigger and is certainly up to the challenge!
So I think I will take the advice of something I read somewhere a while ago.
"Sometimes the most spiritual thing a person can do is go to sleep." 
 This brings to mind the words that Psalm One Hundred, Twenty-Seven, verse two end with,
"For he gives to His beloved even in his sleep."
I think I will put some water in my new tea kettle and try some of those Benadryl tablets and then head to bed.

Tomorrow I will wake to find what treasures He has given to me while I slept.
He will show me how to share His eternal treasures with my precious friends!

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