Saturday, March 31, 2012

Always His Child

This has been one full week.
Full and long.
Instead of time flying it crept.

When I logged onto this sight it surprised me to see that only four days had passed since my last posting.  I thought it had been at least a week.

In trying to find the words to describe my experience a picture came to mind of slogging through thick, muddy water that is waist deep.
It was slow going or so it seemed.

My artist child's date never happened.
It is my own fault.
I allowed many little things to get in the way.

At one point I had to deal with awkward child who appeared uninvited.

Who is awkward child?
Let me introduce her, though I do so reluctantly.

I met her at a very young age and she became my constant companion for many a year.

Let me premise this with a confession.
I am not that graceful.
Klutzy is a much more appropriate word.

This fact caused me much pain and suffering for a long time.

It does not cause me much concern these days.
I am who I am.
No one is perfect and that includes me!

Besides I am a new creature in Christ and that creature is not so focused on the outward stuff.

In my early years of walking with Jesus He gave me many promises to carry me through.
One was from Ephesians Chapter One, verse six, King James Version:
"To the praise of the glory of His grace, wherein He hath made us accepted in the beloved."
I am accepted in the beloved, His beloved!
That kind of thinking caused awkward child to need less attention.

However, once in a while she shows up. 
Really it is the enemy who comes dressed in her garb.

I met my book club friends at the movies Tuesday night.  We were seeing the one-night showing of Monumental.
One of the women picked up the tickets ahead of time and we each reimbursed her at the theater.

As I pulled my money out of my pocket, where I had placed it earlier so to avoid having to search for it, I could not find one of the coins.
That is because it had fallen out when I pulled out the paper money and was laying at my friend's feet, which she pointed out to me.
No problem.  I simply bent down and retrieved it.

Oh yeah, no problem.

At that moment I was back in high school.
It was senior picture day and my mother had chosen my hair style and clothes. 
I was ill at ease more than usual.

Once the photo session was done I got up and proceeded to trip over the wires that ran from the lighting.
Right in front of a group of the in-crowd.
They loved it.

Now, back to the theater.
This particular group of women is not representative of those that I usually spend time with.  My friend, who had invited me to join the club, had known them for many years and was at ease.

As for me, they represent those very popular people with whom I attended high school.
I was not one of them.

Those are the feelings that rose up in me.
It is not truth, but it is how I felt.

Satan is one sneaky fellow.
He is always waiting in the shadows.
Waiting and watching for an opportunity to knock us down.

It seems that when we most think we are standing that he has the greatest success helping us to fall.
Ah yes, there is a Bible verse about that.
It is found in First Corinthians, Chapter Ten, verse Twelve:
"Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall."
How to guard against this?
Lean on Jesus.

To lean on Him we must stay in constant connection, communication with Him.
It is too easy to begin to take even this relationship for granted.

Even the slightest lack of diligence gives the enemy an opportunity.

The good news is that Jesus is right there to pick us up again!

We are in His sight and care at all times.

Well, Jesus and I handled awkward child and did so with a chuckle.
After all I am permanently Papa's girl.
The enemy doesn't like that.

Papa and I also took a look at what happened to the rest of my week and I am now back on track.

This week is ending on a lovely note.
Our New York son, Jon is here for the weekend.
Tomorrow is my honey's birthday and the troops are gathering.
I love it!

Right now three of our guys are spending some brother-time together.
I love that too!

Thing is that now I would love to slow time down!

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