Thursday, March 1, 2012

Parental Arrangments

The path of motherhood began fifty-three years ago for me.
That is the day that my mother came home from the hospital with my youngest sister.
She walked in the door and handed me the precious bundle.

I was eight years old.

Though it made for a strangle childhood it did not sour me on mothering.
I love being a mama.It is an opportunity to bless lives. 
An opportunity to arrange things, when possible, for an even greater blessing.

The role has kept me busy all these years.
Wondering, at times, why I did not consider a different path or two from the one I was on made me curious why it really never occurred to me.

On occasion others have had the same question and I never knew how to answer, but I do now.

Papa was arranging things in His infinite wisdom and grace to bless.

Let's fast forward to the present where I have a fresh example to share.

For eleven years I have been volunteering at a local drug/alcohol rehab.  With each year has come a little more freedom to speak about my Mighty, Gracious God.

Recently the residents have been asking for more time to talk about God.
I share their desire!
Subsequently I offered to visit a second time each week.

Of course the offer had to be discussed at the staff meeting, so we had to wait for the answer.
It came the other day and it was a no.  There was no time available in their schedule to give to me.

In receiving the news I felt an immense sense of peace.
Peace that passes understanding.

In the course of my day I gave the subject some thought and that is when Papa gave me His answer.

It felt as if He poured His perspective of the situation into me in one big swoop.
I cannot even say that I can explain it all, but I do know that His plan is all laid out for me to follow one step at a time.

Before I share the piece of the plan that I am aware of let me tie this in with my assertion that He is in the business of arranging things for me (and all His children).

Our God is Omniscient, which means that He knows all things....
Past, present and future.

He not only knows all things, but He knows what is best for each one of us.
I am always blown away when I consider that He works it all out for good for us as individuals and also for us collectively.

The story ends beautifully.
Actually, the ending is a most glorious beginning!

The ending of C S Lewis' final Narnia book, The Last Battle draws a wonderful picture of that beginning.

Oh, I know I digress, but I can't help it!!

So here is this amazing God that has watched over me my whole life, who has planted certain desires within me and who created me with a certain bent.
Certainly many choices I made were not from Him, yet in His infinite grace He has arranged things so that it all would come out well.

I don't know how He does it, but things get arranged in such a way that leave the way open for His will to be done.
I have had the great privilege to be the mother of four wonderful sons.  He is unfolding His plan for each one of them.  Regularly I recognize His Hand at work arranging things in their lives.
Such joy!

Opportunities to mother never end!
Now I use them to point to the perfect parent, our Heavenly Father!

Regarding the rehab, well, Papa let me know that I can make better use of the time I have.  With that thought came the first stage of the plan.  He just laid it out for me and I will be implementing it tomorrow!

The next step?
I did get the picture of spending lunch time with my rehab friends in the future.
If it is of Him then it will be and if not, it will be something much better.

Isn't it such a gift to be able to rest in Him and be anxious for nothing?!
He is doing all the arranging we need to simply watch and then follow.

I do believe He loves being my Papa!

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