Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ramblings from a Sicky

Okay Papa, this is day three of not feeling well and I am beginning to get a little cranky!

Even as I began to type that sentence I felt a little self-conscious and uncomfortable.
Truth be told there are people, who are dear to me, some of whom read this blog, that are struggling with health issues that are a whole lot bigger than mine.
I know that they do not like being sidelined any more than I do and it is not just a matter of days for them.

I try to keep that in mind, so my perspective is not skewed and I definitely keep them in prayer!

Meanwhile I am still slightly grumpy.
I try really hard to exercise Monday through Friday.
It took a whole lot of years to get me so disciplined. 
I do credit Mindy for being a true inspiration in that department. 
Of course, the fact that she and Matt moved in here with a treadmill didn't hurt!

Anyway, I almost want to exercise these days and then my health gets in the way!
Rest is the order of the day.

Besides the sore throat and congested head, along with aches and pains there is the problem with my right eye.  I am seeing flashes of light and have floaters.
This began a week and a half ago and I am tired of it!
Aging is not for the timid!

The eye issue meant that I had to visit my eye doctor. 
I was overdue as it was.
I had been putting it off.
You see I really dislike eye exams. 
By the time the examine ends I am wiped out for the rest of the day.
I do not like anything or anyone near my eyes!

My sister Chris is the same way.
Our eyes are very sensitive to light and cold.  They tear very easily.
In days gone by when stores had more coffin style open freezers tears would run full tilt the entire time I was in the store.
I walked the aisles wiping at my tears.
A lovely sight to behold..

I have said all of that just as a way of explaining why I haven't updated this blog in five days.
It hasn't been that I couldn't find anything to share, but that I couldn't hold onto my thoughts for very long.
My thinking has been fuzzy.

One topic that I do recall wanting to address here arose as a result of my visit to a fast food establishment.
Every year or two I get a craving for a chocolate shake that is offered by a company who will remain nameless.
And it isn't to protect the innocent.

I placed my order with a young man who was standing alongside the speaker into which I would have normally been giving my order. 
He asked me if I wanted whipped cream and a cherry with my order. 
No.  Did you understand that I wanted a shake?
Yes, he did.
It seems that whipped cream and a cherry come with it now!!

What the shake itself isn't enough calories??  We need a little more fat with it; cholesterol making fat at that!

I think there is a plot to make us all huge!
Do you want to super-size that?
I guess if you can't be a super-model then you can aim to be super-sized!

Well, there are a few other thoughts that surface and then nose-dive again, but nothing very coherent, so I am going to sign off and go make a cup of tea.

I might need a few Girl Scout cookies to go with it.

Oh no!  If I don't get back to my exercising routine soon I might just become super-sized!!

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