Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Joy of Words

New books find their way into my hands on a very regular basis.

There is whatever one my book club is reading...
Right now it is the Life and Legend of Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orlean.
The minute I held this book I was transported back to the nineteen-fifties!
Ms Orlean's words bring you into the time and place that she is writing about.

I thought it would be a light read, but as the author shares the story of the dog's handler, Lee Duncan, my heart breaks for him. He has had a life filled with loss and disappointment.   It certainly adds a depth to the story and reminds me of how privileged I am to have my Papa to go through the ups and downs of life.  How I long to see every heart find their way to Him!

Another current read is one that was on Papa's list for me.
He brought it to my attention through a good friend who suggested I pick up a copy of The Artist's Way, written by Julia Cameron.  He thought it would benefit my ministry with my friends at the rehab.

Oh, I am certain that it will benefit them, but not in the way Will thought.

I researched the book and found it intriguing enough to order it.

After a page or two I knew that this book was intended for me.
It is a twelve week course designed to set our creativity free no matter who you are.  The author's premise is that we were created by a Creative God and thus we have the potential for creativity ourselves.

One of the daily exercises entails writing, first thing in the morning, three pages of whatever comes to mind.
This has to be in long hand. 
That means with pen or pencil in hand.
Not my favorite way to write.
My handwriting reflects my dislike for the physical act of writing.

The hand cramps under the duress of the activity.
My small motor control has never been good and it is whose feet I lay much of the blame for the poor penmanship.
Yet, in spite of my reluctance to write sans the keyboard, the words are flowing!

I am surprised to find myself at the end of a third page and find that I could easily continue to find words to add to more pages.

They are treasures.
It is a joy to be surrounded by them.
By choice I do just that every day..

The Word of God.
So full of rich words.
Words that speak to my heart and direct my steps.
They come to mind to guide me through the day; to comfort and encourage and, of course, correct.

Words from others who love and follow Jesus.

One of those word dispensers is Greg Asimakoupoulos.
I am glad that I only need to write his name and not try to pronounce it!

I came across a little book of prayers written by him.  Maybe I have mentioned it before?
It is Prayers from my Pencil.
Wonderful little book!
He calls the prayers Personal Psalms for Everyday Believers.

Today's offering was entitled The Nerve to Serve.

The aim of Your love
is the flame of my heart
(kindled and fueled by the cross).
Across borders and cultures,
bridges and seas,
I am called
to carry the Light,
to the skeptic,
the beggar,
the confused,
and the proud,
to those who are lost
in the night.
Faithful Father,
please fan into flame
my desire and nerve
that the aim of Your passionate love
will be served.
In Jesus Name
I humbly pray.
I made it my own.

Mr A suggested that we read the first six verses of the Sixth chapter of Isaiah and then write an acrostic for Send me.

I did.

Solely Yours
Emptied of Self
Never looking Back
Delighted to Serve
Many joys to share
Everything from You and for You.

I love offering my words to my Papa.  He is so generous with His.
He is faithful to His Words.
By His Grace may I be as well.

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