Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lessons from a Little Kitty

Our little white Sushi girl is warming up!
It has been a slow process...

This small girl had been found in the street with a broken leg.  She had clearly been mistreated.
We knew it would take some time for her to feel safe with us.
We were willing to be patient.

The process of adjustment began with a number of weeks in hiding.
Since discovering, trapping and then releasing her she decided to take a few chances around us.
How bad could we be if we set her free of that cage?

At first this little kitten would appear after our supper for her supper and allow us to pet her....

if we approached her very carefully.

Sushi loves to be petted and you can hear her purring from another room.

Still it had to be on her terms and definitely do not try to pick her up!
I did and she immediately panicked.
She must have felt totally out of control and vulnerable.
Anything but that!!

Every few days the little one would show up a little sooner and with time began to stay out of hiding for the night. 
As cats are known to do, the two play a good bit of the night. 
Once in a while I hear them running at top speed up and down the hallway.

They are playmates, which makes me happy. 
That was the idea.
One of their nighttime games is the cat version of soccer. 
Their ball has a little bell inside it, which jingles as it rolls across the floor.

Once morning came and everyone had their breakfast, our silky, soft Sushi would disappear.
That would be the end of her until it was supper time once again.

To this point she did not attempt to sit on a lap or even jump up to sit next to us.
Stir Fry on the other hand is not hesitant at all!

Monday morning I awoke at four o'clock and after a little tossing and turning realized that I was not going back to sleep.
Rising I headed to my little sanctuary.
Sushi greeted me as I came out of our bedroom and followed me into the room.

She would have been happy to have me bent over petting her for a good long time, but the position is not a comfortable for me, so the petting ended.
Besides I decided that her desire for more attention might just lure her closer.

After a few minutes she got up on her hind legs and nudged my hand.  I gave her a few pats and then moved my hand further away.
In time I had a kitty curled up next to me.
The petting and purring recommenced.

After a short while a little white head was resting on my lap, then a paw and then bit by bit the body followed!

Both kitty and human were very content.

Last night it seems that two sweet kitties took part of their play time to our bed!
I awoke to many paws scampering over me.  :)

In thinking about our timid kitten I couldn't help but see the comparison with how our relationship with Papa develops.

Just like Sushi, the scaredy cat, we often hide from our God.
We don't feel safe.
Maybe we don't feel worthy.

Self protection holds us back.
What does He want with us?

He wants to love us.

I was listening to a talk by Brennan Manning and he said that he believes that God will ask us just one question when we stand before Him.
"Did you know that I loved you?"
"Really loved you?"
What a gift, if and, when we discover this truth!

For many of us we learn this slowly.

We experience His loving touch, but dare not presume that it will last.
Others have said they loved us or should have loved us, but instead we felt pain.
Will He be any different?

Our God knows it takes time.  He is patient.
He sets about to woo us, very gently.

Moses writes in Exodus Chapter Thirty-Four, verse Six;
"Then the LORD passed by in front of him (Moses) and proclaimed, 'The LORD, the LORD God, compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, and abounding in lovingkindness and truth."

Once we taste and see how good He is we keep coming back; seeking more.
And He is waiting.

Having climbed up into His lap myself I can say both the child and her Papa are content.

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