Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Papa has been speaking and it has left me breathless...
My heart is racing from joy!

Want to know what He has been saying?

So glad you asked!

I am going to work backwards because I cannot wait to share what I heard this very morning!!

One little word in one little verse did it.
The fifth verse found in Psalm One Hundred Forty-Two:

I  cried out to You, O LORD: I said, "You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living."

Over and over He has proved Himself to be my refuge, but what is this about my portion?

A portion is one's territory, an inheritance, legacy, reward.
An old African-American Preacher said, "There's no living in the land of the living like living on the living God."
How does one live "on" the living God?  Well, He and His Truth are our foundation and the Rock which we stand upon.  It is the most satisfying place to be.  Nothing fills the longing of our heart so fully and so well.  You see, the living God has called us to live now!  He lives with us and longs to do so in every area of our lives.

I wandered around in the Old Testament for a while looking for more information on this portion business.
In Numbers and Joshua we learn that the priests' portion was the priesthood itself.  What does that tell me?  Well, to begin with one of my favorite verses in First Peter says we are "a royal priesthood," so this verse is applicable to us!  Being in the place He has for me, doing what He has called me to do is very satisfying.  Yes, a very satisfying portion!
Let's read Psalm Seventy-three, verse twenty-six: "My flesh and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."
We get to enjoy Papa as our portion forever!!!
What response can we have to this great gift?
Psalm One Hundred Nineteen, verse fifty-seven is a very apt one:  "The LORD is my portion; I have promised to keep Your words."
How can we do anything else, but honor Him by keeping His Word?

Another nugget that I mined is so precious:
Lamentations Three, verse twenty-four:  "The LORD is my portion," says my soul, "Therefore I have hope in Him."
Right in the midst of distress, which is where the writer, Jeremiah, was, he could enjoy and rejoice in God his portion!  So can I (we)!

Does this stir your heart?  I hope so!  He is our treasure, our portion.  No matter what the circumstances, which are always temporary, He is with us and He is forever!

Oh, one more thing...
In Deuteronomy I discovered that God says that His people are His portion.
Think about this...
He considers us so valuable that He claims us as His portion!!

More of what He has been showing me will have to wait, as the clock is indicating that it is time for me to get moving.  I intend to do all my moving within my portion today.  How about you?

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