Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Journey of Lent

The Lenten season is dear to me.  Each year I look forward to the time leading up to Easter. 
It was during this season that Jesus' love got through to me.  We began a love relationship that has become richer with time.

Every year I seek ways to help me reflect more deeply on Jesus and what He has done for me.
Over the years Papa has brought some wonderful material and ideas to me that have been very instrumental in my pursuit.  The very first year an article by Karen Burton Mains was the catalyst that set this annual focus in motion.
My prayer partner, at the time, and I took Karen's suggestion of using the six weeks of Lent to read through the book of Luke, journal what we learned and then meet on a day on which we were fasting to share and pray.
Oh! How rich it was!!
It subsequent years I have taken a number of directions; a number of which were, once again thanks to Karen and her husband.  They had developed a booklet that would take you through the season.  I think it was called "The Forty Day Adventure."  It was very beneficial to me.

Nothing was catching my attention for this year until a dear friend passed me a booklet that her church had put together for the journey that leads to the Easter celebration.  It has been a breath of fresh air!
Among the pages was a list of readings which take the reader through the book of John in six weeks.
Oh, joy!!  It was from Papa!
The first reading was the first twenty-eight verses of the first chapter of the Gospel of John.  I found myself gathering all the words that John uses to describe Jesus in this passage.
Shall I share them with you?  Of course!

Ah, this Name alone stirs joy in my heart!
Why?  Because I know Him and His character.
  • The Word
  • God
  • From the beginning
  • Creator
  • Life - He is Alive as nothing else is and in Him, so are we!
  • Light - Unquenchable Fire!
  • True Light
  • Enlightens - He brings truth to Light!
  • Gives the right to become the children of God - That is the power and authority to act as His children!
  • Glory - Brightness, majesty!
  • Grace - kindness, unmerited favor!
  • Truth - Certainty!
  • Fullness - Ours to receive!
This is just a glimpse of the One who, as John said in verse fourteen, "became flesh and dwelt among us."  Why would this glorious One leave the wonders of Heaven to hang out with mere men on planet Earth?  To make the way for us to reconnect with Him; to make the way for relationship with the Living God!  He is all about relationship. 
"He is the way, the truth and the life," as John chapter fourteen states. 
What else are we seeking?  Does't each one of us desire to know the way to go, discover the truth and really live?  Well, then go deeper and discover more of Jesus.  All we long for is found in Him alone!

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