Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Perspective

It has been a busy few days.  Monday Ray had a doctor's appointment, which was preceded by errands with a little paperwork thrown in for good measure.  (God bless those insurance and disability companies!!)

During the appointment Ray inquired, once more, about the recovery of his left arm.  The doctor answered him, once again, but more directly than in the past.  They do not expect anymore recovery; their goal now is pain management. 
My honey didn't flinch.  When asked how he felt about this fact, he replied that "it is what it is."  He continues to be Mr. Mellow, which is much better than being agitated over something he can not change.  The Serenity Prayer is something that he and I have both given much thought to in the past.  Its message seems to have made a home in my husband's heart.  Praise God!

A visit to COSTCO was something else that was on our Monday schedule.  Ray came in with me.  He wanted to get a new membership card for himself.  He lost his original card when his wallet was stolen last fall.  I don't know when he will need it, but was glad that he wasn't just sitting in the car waiting for me, as usual.
He pushed the cart.  Having only one arm to push with, impaired vision and diminished hearing made navigating a bit of a challenge for him.  There were a few close calls and a couple of traffic snarls, but all in all it went well.  He was getting extra exercise, which is always a good thing!
As we were working our way through the store I became very aware of how easy it was for me to walk from place to place.  I tried to pace myself so that I didn't end up running ahead of Ray.

Isn't so easy to take many things for granted?  
The ability to walk, to use both hands, our sight, as well as our peripheral vision, hearing, etc. are all things that I barely gave more than a passing thought.  Watching someone up close, who is dear to you, changes your perspective.

It sharpens your perspective of eternity too. 
Life brings its challenges, but then you reach a place where it all seems to settle down.  You envision what the future holds.  More free time.  Time to travel now and then, just the two of you.  Time to explore.  And time to enjoy each other with less distractions. 
Yet, as we know, the adventure does not end until we take our last breathe!

To be honest, if this life was all there was I would not be a very happy camper!
However, this is not all there is!  Thank You, Papa!
This life is a mere shadow, at best, of what awaits me and all those who are "in Christ!"

I was reflecting on all the blessings of this life earlier today. 
There are more than I can name, but let me list a few that are found at the top of my list.
A relationship with the Living God!
My precious family!
Beloved friends!
The beauty of creation!

His fingerprints are on all that makes up my life, even the tough things.  It is easy to accept His part in the beautiful things of life, but the hard things?  How can that be?  Isn't He good?  Doesn't He love me?
Some might wonder, but not me.  He has proved Himself over and over again in my life.
Yes, I get tired, I experience disappointment and sorrow, but one of the greatest blessings of my life is that I do not go through any of it alone.  He never leaves me, nor forsakes me. 
That is something that I hope I never to take for granted!

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