Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Joy of Leaning

Come join me as I skip with joy and I'll tell you what has brought me fully back to the land of the living.

You know that chorus that closed Thursday's posting?  It spoke of learning to lean and finding more  power that one could ever imagine.   I experienced it.....Again!!

Many familiar faces greeted Ray and I as we arrived at the dinner on Thursday evening.  I always feel like I am home whenever I am with the dear ones of this ministry. 
Yet, I still felt a little off. 
After prayer by a couple of friends and some more between just Papa and me everything fell into place for me.

I knew that my God was in control and had everything in hand, including me. 

How the team of God and Debbie operate is like this:
Debbie organizes the thoughts that Papa has been giving her.  After those notes are organized all she needs to do is look them over a few times.  In reality these notes are more of an outline with key thoughts noted.  These go through her head and heart quite often until the actual event.  Then she simply needs to show up for the event. 
The key is entrusting all of the details and results to Papa and LEAVING them with Him!  Ah, yes, much easier to say than do at times!  It can make you feel a bit shakey when you don't really know all that you are going to say!  Of course, KNOWING who KNOWS is a big help...if you keep this fact in mind!

Anyway, enough with all the turmoil! 
Thursday night Papa showed up and had all kinds of things to say and to be honest I coannot even repeat all of it...I don't remember it all.
All I know is I felt such peace and joy.  I also had fun!  It is so cool when you know that people are really listening. 
I have this same experience when I visit my friends at the rehab each week.  Before we end our time together I have the privilege of sharing some words of encouragement with the whole group.  At first some of the younger or newer ones act bored or disinterested and might give each other a look to confirm this.  However, after a minute or two most, if not all, are listening closely.  Some are leaning forward, as if they do not want to miss one word.
There is nothing more wonderful than being in relationship with the Living God and exeriencing Him working through you! 

It is also very humbling.
You know that it isn't you.  It is all Him.  How amazing that He would not only desire to be in relationship with this frail, imperfect creature of His, but He choses to willingly dwell with her and allow her to be His hands and feet and voice!

No matter where I am or what I am doing, He is with me.  He is my constant companion.  I do not want to take that for granted, nor dare I!
It is my desire and prayer that it would be evident to all who cross my path!
John the Baptist once said in regard to Jesus, "He must increase and I must decrease."  My voice joins in with the same words.  To surrender to this Holy One is to truly find yourself-who you truly are.

I read something by Max Lucado the other day that got me thinking.  So often we wrongly compare ourselves with others.  There is only one standard, One to hold ourselves up against.  When we do, we realize that we fall very short.  That is our opportunity to cry out to Him and admit our failures, imperfections and sin.
What is this Holy God's response to such a cry, the cry of repentance?  He draws near, washes us clean and welcomes us into His Kingdom!  It amazes me that the Living God would have anything to do with me.  He delights to draw us into relationship with Himself.  WOW!

Then He begins to point out His promises, which are mine to claim.  One of my favorite is that He promises to never leave me, nor forsake me. 
If I remember to keep leaning, it will be more difficult to forget the promises of the One whom I am leaning on!

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