Sunday, March 27, 2011


As is our custom, every evening I read the devotional "Our Daily Bread" and its accompanying scripture to my honey.  The Bible reading was, in part, the same scripture that graces the top of this page.  We use the Life Recovery Bible which is the New Living Translation.  It is simply more contemporary language, without losing the meaning of the scripture.
The words were a joy to speak and I thought that I should share them here.  I wonder how many have ever read the passage that opens this blog.  It is a treasure not to be overlooked!

"But thank God!  He has made us His captives and continues to lead us along in Christ's triumphal procession.  Now He uses us to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere, like a sweet perfume.  Our lives are a Christ-like fragrance rising up to God......"
Isn't that lovely?!  We are captivated by our God, who includes us in celebrating the victory that Jesus has won!  The privilege is ours to share His sweet fragrance everywhere we go!   That fragrance begins to permeate us and reminds the Father of His Son!  What a joy!

Sunday mornings are a challenge for me.  That is, if I want to get to church.
Trying to get my husband up, fed and exercised takes time.  My prospects wane if he doesn't get up by a reasonable time.  Thankfully there are a few places that I can attend that offer different meeting times.

This morning ran later than usual, which meant that I would be ten minutes late for the latest service.  Though I hate to walk in late, I decided to go anyway.
As I was driving I noticed another church, which is not a denomination that I usually would attend, who's service was just about to begin.  My car drove into their parking lot.  I felt that I was suppose to be there.
The service was not unfamiliar, as I was raised in this particular denomination, but it took a few minutes to acclimate myself.  I enjoyed my time there for the most part.  Though a few things were said and done that I disagree with, I wasn't uncomfortable.  Papa had me there so I was at peace.

It was peaceful; a much quieter and ordered church service that my norm.
The choir was filled with beautiful voices and when the congregation joined them it filled the church and seemed to continue to rise to the rafters.   Lovely.
One song was sung that stirred my heart.   The words were sung, in first person, to The LORD asking Him to remember each of us forever as ones who love Him.
I thought what else would I want Him or anyone else to remember me for, but that I love my God?!

If I continue to hang out with Jesus, His fragrance will become more evident and nobody will be able to miss it!   And since He is the Fragrant One who is doing the leading in my life I could really end up being pretty smelly!!

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