Wednesday, March 2, 2011


How does March thirteenth at five PM sound for another potluck?  Once again, no RSVP is necessary, simply come to our door and ring the bell!  The theme is Irish, of course.  Hey, It is Saint Patrick's month, isn't it?!  So bring a dish of something with an Irish flavor to it and join us for fun and fellowship.
Following the potluck, around seven PM, we will have a time of prayer and praise, with those who would like to stay and join in.

Some might ask what the prayer and praise is about. 
I have learned that there is much power in praying to the Almighty God.  He hears and answers every prayer.  Of course, the answers come in His time and in His unique way.  Something else that I am learning is not to limit my reception of those answers.  I wonder how many answers have been left unclaimed because they came in an unexpected way?  How many times have I been so set on the answer I wanted that I totally missed the better one that was waiting for me to receive it?

In my last posting I promised to share more of what Papa has been saying to me of late.  It ties into this discussion on His ability and willingness to answer our prayers.
In the Fourth chapter of John we find the story of Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman.  The woman was thinking on a purely material and practical plane.  Jesus was seeking to draw her thoughts and attention beyond the impossibilities of man and to the "all things are possible for God" level.  When she realized Who Jesus was, which was the long promised, long awaited Messiah, all the self-imposed limitations fell away and she got really excited!  The One Who stood before her was not merely another man, but He was the One Who knew her, loved her and offered her real life!  And He was able to deliver!
The One Who the woman encountered is the same One Who made the way for all of us to be able to seek God for ourselves; He made the way for us to enter the Holy of Holies to petition our God ourselves.  What is really cool is that Jesus sits at the Father's right hand petitioning for us Himself and the Holy Spirit takes our prayers and fills in the gaps by expressing before the Father what is truly in our hearts!
In that Light I am motivated to bring all things to Him in prayer.
Another encouragement to pray is found in  the book of James.  We are told that God's wisdom is always available to those who ask for it.  Yes, we just have to ask!

All of this wonderful truth is part of the reason for the Praise.
He is worthy of praise, honor and glory simply because of Who He is; whether He drew near us or not.  Yet the King of Kings is not some distant God.  No, He is right here and is always seeking a more intimate relationship with His child.
He is irresistible!

By the way, He, as always will be the guest of honor at the potluck!

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