Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Writer of Our Story

At times, being a mother is not easy.   As our children become independent and become adults it can be down right difficult! 
For years we guide and correct and nuture them.  With time we have to gradually let go.  Often I have told others that our goal in parenting is to see our children become independent, viable citizens.  It is often a challenge to let them be independent.

I work at keeping my opinions to myself, unless asked, and not try to "fix" the person or situation.  My goal is to keep my hands off. 
A lofty goal.

In the past two weeks our two single sons ended their relationships with their long-term girlfriends.  It is so hard to see and hear them struggle through the pain; one at a distance.
On top of that I miss the young women.  I love them.  They had become part of our family.
No more.  At least for now.

Papa and I have been having quite a few conversations about these two situations, as well as a few other issues concerning these young men.  I know that I can and must trust Him to guide my guys and that His plan and will are tatamount to mine for their lives.
Yes, indeed, I know that, but oh, I am itching to meddle!
I want them to be happy and I desire to see them live in such a way that totally honors the LORD.   Do I truly know what is necessary for these two things to mark their lives.  It goes beyond knowing our God.  It involves placing all the little details that add up to one's life into His Hands.  I cannot do that for them and if I try I simpply end up in the way.

Someone quoted Beth Moore, the Bible teacher and speaker, the other day.  It seems that Beth was struggling with "letting go and letting God" where one of her children was concerned.  Papa spoke these words to her heart, "Beth, have the courage to let me write their testimony."
I felt as if He was speaking these words to me.  He is at work in my sons' lives and I do not want to get in the way.

I want Him to write my story also.

Over the years Papa often has had to return to a simple message for me.  "Be in the moment." 
It is not the same as living for the moment.  What it means for me is that I need to be aware and alert.  Sometimes I am so absorbed with my thoughts that I am oblivious of what is going on around me.
Visually I have a problem seeing details.  I find it difficult to find one item out of a selection of many.  That is how Papa created me.
The real problem is when I miss the details of life: What someone is saying, how they are feeling, or even how I should be using my time.
When I get lost in my thoughts I have a harder time hearing what He is saying to me, how He wants to lead me.
The key is to bring all those thoughts to Him.

This relationship with the Living God is a moment by moment one.  Or at least, it should be. 
It needs to be!
Whatever the struggle or challenge the way to victory is with and through Jesus alone!

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