Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do You See?

The words rang out, as if spoke aloud.  They seemed to stand alone.
"Do you see this woman?"

The story is found in the seventh chapter of Luke.  Jesus was dining at a Pharisee, Simon's home.  During the meal an "immoral woman" entered with a vial of very expensive perfume.  She wept before Jesus, her tears falling on his feet. 
You can be sure that if she had approached the owner of the home, she would have found herself promptly put out and not gently.  Any righteous person would not have had anything to do with such a one, which is exactly what Simon was thinking to himself.  Did I say righteous?  Self-righteous is much more appropriate.
Jesus did not send her away, He did not reject her.   He was not repulsed by her nor did He look with distaste as her tears fell on Him. 
No, He knew why she was there.  This broken woman knew that He was the one to come to with her brokenness.  She knew that He was worthy of her devotion. 
She did not stop with tears, but dried His feet with her hair, kissed his feet and then anointed them with her perfume.

Jesus asked the question of Simon. 

Jesus saw this woman, really saw her.  He saw a precious life that had great value.  It was a scarred life, whose heart had sought love and acceptance for a long time.  He knew that she had come to Him because she had discovered that He alone could heal the scars and meet her heart's longings.
The Pharisee saw the results of all her disappointment and pain and looked no further.

God isn't interested in mere externals, He is interested in the heart.   Papa knows our hearts.  He knows that is where the real person resides. 
When The LORD has sent Samuel to anoint a new king of Israel, Samuel was inclined to go with someone who looked like king material, but God explained that He looks beyond the outer appearance.  He chose the one whose heart was His.  That was David.

Jesus saw the person this woman was intended to be.  He knew the good plans He had for her and He saw that she was giving Him her heart.  So He gave her what she truly needed.  He gave her forgiveness.  He told her that her faith had made the difference.

Where did her faith come from?  Had it suddenly happened?  No.  She had been loved on a bit.  She had witnessed love in action.  She had seen Jesus.

So why did Papa draw my attention to the question Jesus addressed to Simon?

As a reminder to be in the moment, so I don't miss the one He has right before me.  He sees them, do I?
He would have me be focused; one person at a time.  He is.
He was reminding me to love the one in front of me.  He does.
He wants others to see Him.   He wants others to experience His love.
In His Kingdom that happens through His children.

Every single person is valued by my God; may I see them, as He does!
May they see Him and experience His love. 
May it be evident that I am His child!!

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