Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Woven Stories

Don't you just love a good story?! 
I do.
Time and again I return to the same authors because I know that I am almost always guaranteed a good read.  They know how to tell a story.  The weaving of all the details into a story that flows and intrigues is a gift, whether fiction or not.

Papa is the best weaver of stories.  He is not simply a good storyteller, nor are any of His stories fiction, but they are vibrant with life, real life! 
Each of our own stories are best when we allow Him to do all the writing.  I am realizing more and more how much better my life is when I leave it in His Hands to unfold as He knows is best.  As I pray for my husband, sons and all of the rest of the dear ones He puts on the list, I often simply lift them and their situations up to Him without trying to give Him direction.  :)  Can you imagine Him needing our direction?!  Ah, but don't we try?

Many would not believe that many a wonderful story is found in the Bible.  Another thing they may not realize is that you don't have to read it in King's Jame's English anymore. 
In the book of Ezra, as I read this morning, the part of the story reported in the sixth chapter made me smile.  It tickled me.
Let me give you a synopsis in my own words.   God's people had returned to Jerusalem, under God's guidance, to rebuild the temple of God.  It is no surprise that there were those who opposed them and their work.  At one point the opposition had caused the work to cease by stirring up the king.   The people became discouraged and did not put up a defense.  Down the line the LORD sent two of His prophets to encourage them and the work started up again.
Now the enemies, once more, complained to the king and expected him to respond as in the past by stopping the work.  This time, because it was God's timing, the king not only did not stop the work, but told the complainers that anyone who opposed it would be killed and, oh by the way, they were to supply the money and materials for it to continue and please through in all the animals for sacrifices too!
This story did not turn out as the opposition expected at all.  That is so like Papa.
When we turn something over to Him and look to Him in faith, He is free to do wonderful things on our behalf!  You see, God is for us!

He shows up in love every time. 
Because He is love. 
End of sentence.
The trials and tribulations just amplify His love.
The Almighty God is all-powerful and that power is available to us because He loves us.

How I long for every single person to get that for themselves!  Everywhere I look there are struggling people, who feel hopeless and alone.  It doesn't have to be that way, not at all!
Right now my precious sister, who is grieving the loss of her only child, is dealing with her dying dog.   She has become undone over it.
It is a heart breaker to lose your pet.  Some people will not consider another pet after the experience.  I understand, however, there is comfort available for all our griefs.

My God promises to work all things out for good for those who love Him.  Once a person allows this wonderful God into their lives they fall in love with Him.  He is irresistible.  And once Papa is welcomed into a life, oh my (!), what an amazing story He weaves!

Father, I cannot help but praise You!  Thank You for Your amazing love!  Thank You for Your Presence and thank You for desiring to write my story!  Have Your way, LORD.  Life is so rich and blessed with You writing the adventure and I've heard the ending and it is lovely!

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