Friday, December 17, 2010

What is the Point?

Every year as the month of December approaches I formulate a plan.  The plan is comprised of a list of all that needs to be done and a schedule of when I intend to do each item. 
It always looks good on paper; manageable, doable.  My goal is to have time to reflect on and with my LORD.  I do not want to get so occupied with "stuff" that I miss the meaning behind it all.
Yes very doable, until reality kicks in.

Year after year one reality that I cannot ignore is my energy level.  I simply am not able to accomplish what I use to and honestly have little interest in doing so!
Another reality that is new for this year is that I have more responsibilities, which cannot be ignored.
Then there is the fact that our family keeps growing and that growth means more people to consider in all the planning and doing!
This year both our Jonathan and Timothy are in serious relationships, young women who we definitely want to include!  Then there is our great-granddaughter, Ariana Rose, not quite a month old!
Interesting...the list keeps growing as the energy dwindles...

Papa knows all about it and made provisions for me. 
Mindy is here and lends a willing hand every day.  Today we baked cookies together.  Daughters are wonderful to have around!!
For many years I have been volunteering at a drug/alcohol rehab.  Many of the residents are not in a position to give their loved ones gifts and often do not receive anything themselves.  Many of my friends help me to fill a stocking for each one of them and supply items for them to give as gifts.
Usually I receive mostly money and then purchase things for them to give.  This year many were moved to donate items; many items!  This meant less shopping for me.  Thank you Papa for dear ones who listened to your prompting!

The list is much shorter.  All that is left to do is to send greetings to those who I do not usually see.  I am waiting on Papa for the words.  If none come, greetings will not be going out.

No matter what I am doing I do not want to forget my God, not for a minute.  There is nothing in my life, not one detail, that He does not want to be a part.  Everything and every moment is an opportunity to look to Him, to enjoy Him, to reflect Him.

It seems to me the Christmas season should be a time for a heightened awareness; a time to rest in Him, reflect on the gift of God come down and Rejoice!!
Oh, I like that! 
Rest.  In Him I am safe and secure.
Reflect.  What does this Wonderful Gift mean?  Salvation!  Life!  Worth!  Hope!  Purpose!  Joy!!
Rejoice.    It is immense joy to know that I am His and He is mine!

What is the point of the lists and schedules if it is not with Him in mind?  What is the point of sharing one's life with others if it is not with Him in mind?

Nearly two weeks ago Tim brought a new friend home to join us for dinner.  This was not unusual for our son to do.  He is involved in helping a few people who struggle with addiction and frequently they are found sharing a meal with the family.
Our family meals are not subdued affairs.  We all enjoy each other and have a grand time together.  I asked our guest whether he realized that he was going to receive entertainment with his meal.  He gave me a big smile.
It is my prayer that he was more than entertained.  I do hope that he was touched by the love and the Source of that love.  That is my fervent hope.  You see, he died this past Monday.

I hate it!  Yet, that is life.  Unpredictable.  None of us knows what a day will hold.  None of us knows who will cross our path, but with each crossing there is some effect.
This loss serves to underscore for me the need to live life on purpose and to not let the "stuff" distract from what matters.  Lives matter.  Relationships matter.

How does anyone make a difference?  Jesus said that "apart from Him we can do nothing."  Sure we can go through the motions, we can put our all into something, but only He can make a lasting impact; one that lasts for eternity.
Eternity that is what it is all about.  This life is fleeting. 
Next month I will turn sixty years old.  Where did it go?  I have lived more than half my life, for sure. 
If this were all that there is how could anyone make sense out of it?  How could you have peace?  How about hope?

Mister Toad's Wild Ride continues, but that is okay, because I do know that the ride will end and when it does the Real Adventure will unfold.  And it will be glorious!!

That is the Point!!

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