Sunday, December 12, 2010

Joys and Sorrows

On Saturday we had the joy of hosting our annual Christmas party.  How grateful we are to Papa that we were in a position do it!  It is our Christmas present to our friends.
For years we would put out an open invitation to all far and wide, however, last year's party made it obvious that we had to stop that practice!  Either that or get a bigger house!

As fifty people gathered at our home the fun began!  One of the games we played was most hilarious - two "Santas" gathered eight, not necessarily tiny, reindeer.   The santas handed each "reindeer" a pair of pantyhose.  Then the team, along with extra helpers, blew up many balloons.  The idea was to stuff the legs of the pantyhose with the balloons and have each reindeer don their "antlers".  The first team that got that done had to sing "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.  Definitely hilarious!!

Days before the actual party, preparations had to be made.  How glad I was to have Mindy's help.  She is a daughter (in-law) extraordinaire!!
We saved the tree decorating for Saturday afternoon.  It was to be a family affair, however, the three men were not enthralled with the idea, so the decorating crew was reduced to Mindy, Becca (Tim's precious girlfriend) and yours truly. 
The party was to begin at six o'clock, we finished the tree at quarter after five!  How is it that lights that work before they are placed on the tree decide not to co-operate once in place??!

The evening was lively, loud and long.  I loved it.  Ray loved it.  He stayed through the whole event!  Then around ten o'clock I started to fade.  I had not stopped once since arising that morning.  Ray didn't look too worn, though the minute his head hit the pillow he was gone and proceeded to sleep for eleven hours!

Things felt strange after most of our guests had gone home.   I couldn't define it until I saw my honey sitting nearby, as I began to clean up.
We always made a great team when it came to throwing a party, especially when it came to getting everything straightened out afterward. 
No teamwork last night.   It wasn't out of lack of desire, but lack of ability to be of help.  I decided to leave everything that I could until the morning.  This went against my grain, but I did not want to prolong the discomfort for either one of us.
Today Mindy and Matt took care of most of the cleanup.  Those two make a great team!  (It must run in the family!)

I did fail to mention that we have house guests; a Russian pastor and his gracious wife.  Each year they come to the States and for the fourth year in a row were able to stay with us.  What a joy!
Though I wouldn't have skipped either their visit or our party, I am just a little tired.  More tired than I realized and definitely more upset than I knew....

This day was another full one and I decided that I would rest for a little bit after getting dinner going.  As I walked into our living room I was just in time to witness the crash of our pretty Christmas tree.  Besides the sound of the tree itself hitting the floor, there was the tinkling of the ornaments as they were sandwiched between the tree and the floor.
I overreacted.   No doubt about it.
I cried out OH No!! a few times and burst into tears.  Everyone came running.  They expected to see a body, not a tree on the floor.

On a good day I would not have been pleased by the crash, but would not have felt distraught.  I felt like an idiot.  It was embarassing.  After all it was only the tree.  Sure a few ornaments broke, included one favorite glass angel, but things are not important.  Yet, there I was sobbing.

After a bit of reflection (I do alot of this don't I?) I knew what my problem was. 
That was not the first Reynolds' tree to fall or the only ornament ever to break.  However, it was the first time that the Ray and Debbie team couldn't tackle it together and after the team's evident absence the night before, it was the proverbial "last straw."
This is getting very old.

This past week, when it was very cold, I needed to get gas and sooner rather than later or risk running out.  I became teary as I was figuring out where the nearest station was and deciding to only get enough to cover the immediate need, because of the weather.  Why?  Because until this winter I rarely had to fill my own tank on such a cold day.  My man took care of it for me.  I was a princess.

I have to remember that I am still a princess, Papa's princess.  As His princess I can be certain that every detail of my life is something He intends to work out for good.  He has designs on me and plans for me; He is making me into the best girl, who will reflect her Papa.
So as I have these emotional ups and downs I will, hopefully, always remember to climb into His lap and pour out my heart to Him.  He will answer every time and assure me that He will never leave me nor forsake me and that the best is yet to come.
It just hit me - Papa and I make not only a great team, but the best!

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