Saturday, December 4, 2010


This morning an Advent breakfast was held for the women of our area.  A friend of mine and I have been attending for a number of years.  It has become the way we like to start the season.  Mindy joined us this year.
What a joy to have my precious daughter-in-law seated beside me!

Earlier in the morning I had a little time with Papa.  As I read His Word, along with a couple of devotionals, I did so with Advent in mind.  No matter where you read or what you read it isn't difficult to see the connection.
God come to earth!  What a gift!  Really there are many gifts contained within that gift.   In First John today it spoke of the gift of life that is ours in Jesus.  Not just any life, but eternal life!  Stopping to reflect on Him and all He offers stirs the mind and heart!
I wanted to list as many gifts as I could, but had to shift gears and get ready for the breakfast....

Sitting among hundreds of women, many that I know, I was aware of another gift.
A sense of belonging.  A oneness in Him.  No division.
       those who had given of their time and talents to bring the gathering together...
       all of us...
                rising as a body to sing
                bowing our heads and hearts together in prayer
                enjoying time to visit with one another

A connection that brings together hearts from many walks of life.  Yes, connected solely because of Him.  No club, career, talent, interest, family or anything else can compare to the connection that is ours because of Him.

Ray was enjoying some connecting of his own.  The men of our church enjoy getting together every month for breakfast and a Bible study.  That happened this morning.  My honey was in attendance!  A dear friend picked him up at six-thirty AM.  He was ready, which amazed me, because I usually have trouble getting him up by nine in the morning!

In His Word Papa urges us to spend time together.  He wants us to enjoy the connectedness.  We encourage one another.  It is part of the abundant life.  Being together our spirits overflow with love and joy

This morning it wasn't just our spirits that were filled to overflow.  Food was involved. 
Of course, the ladies know how to do a breakfast.  The buffet was large, varied and delicious!
The men?  Egg sandwich on a hamburger bun!

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