Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Are Family

Here I sit safe and sound in our son's living room.  Thank You, Papa!
I got into my car at twenty after five this morning and began the eight hour drive, hoping to beat the snow.  I did apart from some snow flurries and a stretch of messy road on the last leg of the trip!  The one snag was that the driver-side wiper decided not to do a thorough job of clearing the windshield with forty five minutes of the trip to go!  It made the last bit of my drive a little more interesting.  I had been feeling sleepy, but it is amazing how awake one becomes when seeing where you are driving becomes limited!

I left home reluctantly, as most of our family was still filling our house.  What fun we had yesterday!
As Matt, Jon and Tim were waging a war with their Nerf guns I recalled something a friend told me years ago.  "Inside every man is a twelve-year old boy."  How true!!
The other stocking stuffer that made a big hit was the ninety-nine cent balloon launcher!
My honey sat watching and relishing their antics!

Once the battle was over we all gathered around the dining room table and played the game I received for Christmas; "Apples to Apples."  Once a player reached the winning number of cards someone else would plead for the game to continue to a higher level of earned cards.  Dinner had to be delayed for the game!

The other day my chiropractor's receptionist asked if we were going to have a full house for Christmas.  I replied that just three of our sons and two of their ladies would be with us.  Her response was, "Well, then you are definitely having a full house.  Just two of your sons fill this waiting room!
It wasn't that long ago that it was only Ray and I in the house for the most part.  Now our house is much more lively.  We love it!
It is so amazing how God works so much good from the hardest things!

As I settle in here for a few days, I will be watching for more of the good that He intends.

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