Sunday, December 19, 2010


C. S. Lewis is one of my favorite authors.  I am looking forward to sitting down with him one day.  That day will be in glory because that is where he is now.
When I became aware that there was an adaption of his book "Screwtape Letters" being offered as an off-Broadway play, I was eager to see it.  I did not think that was going to be possible and honestly thought it had finished in New York by now.  Not so and as I was going to the City to meet two of my sisters for lunch and see the decorations, I seized the opportunity and bought myself a ticket.
Yesterday was the day and it was so worthwhile!!

Lewis' writing is thought provoking.  The play stayed true to the book and coupled with excellent acting it was as challenging to the audience as the book itself.
Often we are so involved in everyday life that our focus can become a bit diffused.
The decisions we make each day are serious stuff.  They reflect the path we have chosen.  Those of us whose hearts have responded to the call of Papa's Heart must be aware that the distractions of this world can still steal our heart little by little. 
The good news is that, as Papa's child, we are not in this battle by ourselves.  He is our guide and guard!
"Screwtape" reminds us that there are those who do wage war against us and though we cannot lose the gift of eternal life, we can be cheated out of the abundant life.

I jotted down a quote from Reflections for Ragamuffins yesterday.  Manning to something that the late Rabbi Abraham Herschel said,  "Jesus Christ is of no importance unless He is of supreme importance."
I say He is of supreme importance, yet how often do I fail to live up to that which I believe?  Too often.  Over and over I throw myself upon His mercy and in His grace He picks me up and dusts me off.  How wonderful is He??!!!

According to God, King David "had a heart after God."  Yet David fell deeply into sin.  At that point denial sidled in and blinded him. 
This was someone who loved God? 
Yes.  The proof comes in his repentance upon confrontation.  Though he was deceived for a time, he was too tenderhearted toward God to resist conviction.
Papa saw his heart.   He sees my heart.

Life will bring all kinds of choices our way.  The choices come in all sizes and shapes.  They arrive wrapped in joy or pain.
This year my family has faced many choices.  Some of those choices involve who we will trust, who we will look to in the midst of it all. 
There has been loss and with it pain.  We each have had to choose how we would deal with it.  What a comfort for me and most of my immediate family to be confident that we could look to Papa for strength and comfort and help.

There are some near and dear to me that do not have the comfort nor confidence of such an intimate relationship with the Living God.  It is heartbreaking to see them struggling.  There is a hollowness that leaves them so fragile, so easily shattered. 
The only way to be full, to be comforted, to have hope and peace is by allowing your heart to respond to His.
It is my prayer that each heart, everywhere, would fly to Him!  To resist is to cheat ourselves and our God, Whose Heart longs for ours!

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