Wednesday, September 22, 2010

This morning Brennan Manning reminded me that a radical imitation of the Trinity (the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit) will have three aspects.
The first is dialogue. Communication is critical for all relationships and it is all about relationships! The Living God calls us into relationship with Him. He communicates His desire for us to draw nearer to Him. He uses His Word and His Spirit to do this.
Secondly, there is spontaneous love. God is love. He doesn't have to think about how to respond to us, he just does and it is always out of love.
Third is community, which finishes the list. We are called into His body. We need each other; we need fellowship. Our God enjoys fellowship within Himself and it is glorious! He desires His own to enjoy one another also. The amazing thing is that He says that where two or three are gathered together in His Name, there He is in the midst of them. He joins in!

Brennan could have simply mentioned love because that is what motivates us to communicate and draws us together. Real, genuine love is pure, unselfish and reflects God, who motivates such love. It is this love that carries me into and through all that comes into my life.

I've been reading in Nahum this week and what I saw today in the third chapter was that we choose our fate, not God. We are not puppets, we have choices. As life takes its twists and turns I choose how I am going to deal with it.
Am I willing to learn and grow or do I choose to stubbornly plant my feet and dig in my heels? That becomes very tiring. I know, I've tried it!

When I put my trust firmly in Him amazing things happen! Papa loves when His child looks to Him. He never disappoints. Well, we are never disappointed as long as we remember and hold on to the truth that He loves us.
I am learning to just present concerns, longings, needs to Him without trying to tell Him how to handle it. He always surprises me and delightfully so.

Blessings have been coming left and right. To be honest there are always blessings, but I do not always choose to focus on them. He has not deserted me at any time, even when I have been blind to Him and what He is doing!

A dear friend took my honey to Gaylord today for all his therapies. He helped Ray before and after the pool therapy. It would have been interesting when it came time to go into the men's locker room, if I had taken him!
Our friend has volunteered to handle all the Wednesdays for the time being!
An extra bonus was that I was able to have breakfast with a close friend this morning!

Yesterday first one friend came from New York and took Ray to an early lunch and then another friend came to spend time with Ray and took him to see his horses. During this time I was treated to a massage. I think I am very spoiled!!
Yesterday evening, for the first time since his accident, my love's response was "Good!" when he was asked how his day had been. Before the best we had gotten was "Fair."
So Papa was right when He told me that what He had for Ray right now was people. Imagine that!! He always knows what is best!

Matt and Mindy are settling in and it is such a pleasure to have their company and help! I have joined a book club and tomorrow evening is my first meeting!
It is such a relief to be able to take a break and know that my honey is in good hands.

On Saturday I am heading to New York to spend some time with my sisters. We have something special to give our sister, Chris. If it weren't for loving family and friends I would not be able to do this.

So do you see the theme of love here? Love that motivates communication and community. It is such a safe place to be! Praise be to God!

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