Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday morning found me, once again, boarding the Bridgeport ferry bound for Port Jefferson, New York. I wasn't alone! Many others were heading to Long Island too. The day promised to be a beautiful one and the island offers much to do on a beautiful day. Some, I'm sure were not venturing any further than Port Jeff itself, as it offers many shops and restaurants in which to while one's time away. Many others had rides awaiting them to take them to their destinations. I was one of those.

I like to watch people and imagine what they and their lives are like. I used my time on the ferry to do a bit of that imagining. It is easy to think others are all on some lovely adventure with no troubles to weigh them down. Certainly they are more lighthearted than we. If we really watch them though we will see that most are carrying one burden or another in their heart.
I am sure that I am not alone in my people watching, so I wonder what others are imagining my life is like? Hey, there are times that I'd like to know what twists and turns await me!

Heading to visit my sisters I wasn't sure how the weekend would go. I did have a peace, but that didn't mean it would be an easy weekend!

It was a good weekend!

After an afternoon of lunch, manicures (Ladies, mine cost seven dollars and included a brief neck and shoulder massage!!), and errands, which included gathering items to use in baskets for the raffle during the walk for cancer we got ready for our other sisters' arrivals.

We three sisters gathered with our sister Chrissy at the cemetary in the early evening. Standing there looking at this lump of dirt with a plaque bearing Sara's name seemed surreal. The question of how this could be real came again to my heart and mind.
We presented Chrissy with a beautiful silver heart necklace. The heart bore the imprint of Sara's thumb. Our dear sister was very moved. The heart hangs over her heart. So appropriate.

Afterward we had a lovely time together at our sister Patti's. I had intended to stay at Patti's, as I wasn't sure whether Chrissy wanted company or not. During the evening she asked if I would like to go home with her. I did!

My son, Jon, lives on the Long Island Sound. He was having a small party with a very large bonfire. We were invited. He wanted us to camp overnight too. We had all said it would be too late to even stop by and as far as overnight - all our bones protested at the very thought of sleeping on the ground!

Yet, after starting the drive home last night, my sister Chrissy and I, who are known in some circles as Thelma and Louise, decided that we were not tired at all even though it was eleven-thirty or so and thought it would be fun to surprise Jon and his friends. Jon's friends are also Sara's friends and very dear to us.

Jon has not lived in his apartment that long and I have relied upon my GPS to get me there in the past. My sister had never been there, as she had been so occupied with Sara since he moved there. We had no GPS and no address, but hey why let that stop us!
My sister knew how to get to the proper town and then we followed my nose. As I explained to Jon today, it was sort of like a pinball in one of those games. We went here, we went there and simply stumbled upon the small beach where he lives. (Thank You, Papa!)
We parked and walked the half mile or so to the bonfire.
What a reception we received! They were so surprised!

It was so lovely sitting on the beach, listening to the waves crash on the shore and the crackling of the fire, and visiting with such precious ones. The best part of the whole time was to hear my sister laugh and joke. It was worth the fatique that I am feeling right now.

I brought the book I am reading with me and used part of my travel time to continue my way through it. The author's focus is on the love of God. He loves to love us.
His love brings comfort and healing.
This weekend I felt and saw His love woven through every aspect of it. Of course, it was lovely!!!

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