Sunday, September 5, 2010

During a conversation with a couple of dear friends today my own words spoke afresh to my heart.
Sometimes what we know in our head needs to be revisited and reflected upon so it is reabsorbed by our heart.
So many emotions are churning away at any given time in this heart of mine. It isn't difficult for them to cloud my vision. It is too easy to allow them to jump ahead from their proper position, as the caboose, and pretend to be the engine for awhile.
If they maintain that lead position for very long there is sure to be a train wreck!

What has set things right again?
Well, Papa, of course.
He has been helping me to notice the blessings that fill my life.

The blessing of friends to share a meal and thoughts.

A few meals have been arriving for us again. Such a blessing! Some days are so full of appointments and phone calls that I have little energy left to think about what to prepare.

My brother-in-law, Jeff, and his wife, Audrey, came down from N.H. yesterday. Audrey and I did a few errands while Jeff visited with his brother. I enjoyed the girl time!
Then they stayed with Ray while I drove Matt to the airport. I returned to find our lawn nicely mowed and trimmed! Matt had run out of time, as there are always many things on his list. The lawn was still on the list when we drove away from the house. Not anymore!

As Jeff and Audrey were leaving I was struck by their freedom to go where they wanted and that was the moment I looked away from my blessings.
Why did I give into negative thoughts? I do think in part it is boredom. My schedule always was full and I loved it! I enjoy people and miss seeing many faces!!

The words that served as a reminder to me today were that "I can do nothing apart from Him." I cannot focus on blessings on my own. I cannot find the energy to do what needs doing right now on my own. As I face this week mostly on my own with Ray I need to remember that I am not really alone.

Papa loves to respond to my every need, I simply need to ask. He loves to set things right, I just have to admit things are not right.
Selfish, pouty, stubborn Jonah cried out to Him and He answered. He has done the same for me, over and over again.
That is the greatest blessing of all!!

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