Saturday, September 11, 2010

"A mental health day" was written on the calendar for this day and it happened!

My dear friend, Joan and I headed to Milford for the day, thanks to coverage by son Timothy and our friend James!
I had asked Papa for a perfect day. The weather forecast had called for mid 70's, but with the clouds, cool temperatures and strong breeze yesterday, along with a prediction of rain for Sunday, I was concerned that the weather would not be that good. You see, I have wanted to go to the beach all summer and somehow it never happened. It seemed that when an opportunity presented itself the weather didn't cooperate or the opportunity became swallowed up by all the challenges of these past few months.

I got my perfect day! A blue sky, warm weather (probably low 80's!), and a gentle breeze greeted us as we stepped out of the car.
Joan and I walked the boardwalk down to the beach. It was surrounded by tall, golden and green beach grasses that were waving leisurely in response to the breeze. Little riverlets of water wove their way among the grass with some of them opening up to small ponds. During one of our walks we came across a young boy with a large net who was concentrating on catching crabs in one of the ponds. Did you know that crabs swim? We didn't, or at least we had never thought about it before. But we saw some swimming today!
As we traveled down those boards yet another time we had the privilege to hear and then observe an interesting darkly colored bird with a long, sharp beak, who was obviously flustered. Joan surmised that a nest must be close by.
What a joy to walk aimlessly along taking in the peaceful beauty of Papa's handiwork; wading in the water's edge and marveling over how unique the shells and seaweed were that we encountered along the way. Having my friend with me made it extra special. She has a way of looking at nature that stirs up my imagination. What a gift!

Our stomachs began to signal that lunch was in order and the heat of the sun encouraged us to gather our belongings and head off to a delicious meal at a unique restaurant located on the green in Milford.
We hated to turn our backs on the sand and water, but in reality the beach is best enjoyed at the beginning and end of a day. As afternoon takes hold, the sun is at its strongest and we did not want to have a sunburn to remember this day by.

My Papa is so gracious to all He loves and He loves us all! What a privilege to be able to come to Him with all my needs and longings and be able to entrust all of it to Him. I and all I entrust to Him is safe.
I am constantly amazed that the Creator God is so intimately involved in my life. You would think securing salvation for me would suffice, but no, He is love and must continue to demonstrate that love at every opportunity. So He delighted to gift me with this lovely day.

This day did not begin that smoothly, nor was it a smooth transition once I arrived back at home. Yet, He had given me a gift to start my day. It was something He wanted me to keep close through the joys and the sorrows of not only the day, but all of life.

"but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our LORD Jesus Christ."

There will be joys and there will be sorrows, to be certain, but in Christ the victory is sure. This is not all there is.
This life is challenging. Yes, there are the moments of walking quietly along the water's edge and then there comes the monsoons! The secret is to keep close to Him and to remember what awaits those who trust Him!

My day was woven with many threads today. Among the quiet, beauty and fellowship was frustration and sorrow.
While I was away my husband did not want anything to eat and stayed in bed a good part of the day. He did not want to do any of his therapy either, so when I arrived home we needed to attend to it. It was a little frustrating. Then I realized I used the wrong bank account for a transaction, which meant I needed to tend to that pronto. Some more frustration!

Okay honey, let's go for a ride and get you out of the house...We can rent a movie...Once home - the movie would not play! Gr.r.r.r.

Small stuff in the grand scheme of things.

For then I remembered the sorrow...the conversation today during which I learned that a dear man had been diagnosed with cancer.
I have come to hate that word.

The news stirred up all my grief. So much loss!

I stop now and thank Papa for all His blessings and especially for the Good News that is greater than all the grief and sorrow. May my precious friend and her husband hold His precious promise close to their hearts as they traverse the path laid before them.

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  1. Debbie, what a truly great day that was. Thanks to Tim, James, Ray - and you and the Lord! - for making it happen. I will remember the sun sparkling on the waves, the good food and your wonderful company and conversation, on days when the blessings are - how shall I say - less readily apparent.
    Your happy road trip friend,