Friday, September 10, 2010

Gaylord Hospital is back on the radar. Today held the concluding evaluations at this wonderful facility. Ray officially begins his outpatient therapy there this coming week!
Every Wednesday and Friday morning he will be receiving one-on-one speech, occupational and physical therapy, with aquatics on Wednesdays also. I am so glad!
Recently Ray seemed to be losing some of his progress. He even expressed a concern over this to me. It feels like we are back on track again. Thank You, Papa!

Matt and Mindy arrive this Monday. I am so looking forward to having my precious daughter-in-law here. Among many other attributes, such as being a detail person, who loves to clean :), she has a great sense of humor!

I am eager to get a routine going and I will be accepting all offers to drive Ray to Gaylord or spend time with him at home. The other morning I was asking our gracious LORD what He has for my honey right now. The thought came to me that he needs people. He has a lot to offer and much he can gain from being with others. A couple of his friends are full-of-life types, who happen to have time to spare; I am recruiting them! The man's vision is not good, his concentration is short and his physical strength is greatly limited, which means the things that interested him pre-accident do not even make the list at this time. However, people still make the list, actually they are the list!

Recently I have been missing more and more the people at the drug/alcohol rehab where I had been volunteering. I would love to get back there. Papa will work it out, as I believe it is He who has put them so strongly on my heart.

My God has the plan.
He is the One Who makes the difference in my life.

A comment in David Jeremiah's devotional "Sanctuary" caught my attention this morning. He was reflecting on the seventeenth verse in the second epistle to the Corinthians. "and our hope for you is firmly grounded, knowing that as you are sharers of our sufferings, so also you are sharers of our comfort." His thoughts were that without Him (The LORD God) any trial "will just be a bump in the road that bounces you all over the highway. When it is over you will just be sore and you won't be any better."
Good analogy.
Trials faced with Jesus serve to deepen and strengthen our relationship and teach us valuable lessons for life; lessons that need to be shared!
We all will and do face trials. It would be a shame to not make them count!

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